• Spot Bonus: Tressa Graves

    April 16, 2020

    Submitted by Randall McKenzie:

    Tressa Graves has received a spot bonus for her efforts in completing the assessment of University Libraries’ audiovisual (AV) holdings. 

    Tressa’s work on completing the 26-month survey and subsequent report—along with a concurrent AV digitization pilot—far exceeded what was anticipated for the assessment project. The report, beyond merely accounting for the assessment work done to date, delivers a comprehensive, detailed and highly professional survey of University Libraries’ AV collections, sharing the collected data through multiple lenses. Tressa’s observations were expertly aligned with current national standards and trends in the AV archiving field, with well-documented references to the important work of other major institutions. The priorities she chose to emphasize in the report track closely with University Libraries Strategic Values, particularly in the areas of discovery, integrity and stewardship.

    Throughout her assessment of 18,389 audiovisual items in 32 distinct formats and the AV digitization pilot, Tressa steadily developed a successful workflow that is entirely new to the organization, created strong lines of communication with colleagues in multiple departments, shepherded several projects from beginning to end, advocated for the digitization of
    materials highlighting underrepresented voices, enhanced numerous finding aids with her technical knowledge of AV formats and identified at-risk collections, assuring improved storage for them.

    Within two weeks, the interim assessment report Tressa submitted to the Knowledge Bank generated 169 downloads, with viewers from the United States, Germany, France, Canada and Portugal. Her work adds University Libraries to the group of major institutions building a body of professional literature on AV assessment in libraries and archives.

    We congratulate Tressa on this important accomplishment!

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  • Spot bonus: Eric Haskett

    August 21, 2019

    Congratulations to Eric Haskett who is the recipient of a $300 spot bonus for his extraordinary efforts involving the university’s Information Security Self-Assessment (ISSA).

    In the past, AD&S has not been extensively involved in completing the university’s Information Security Self-Assessment (ISSA). Security controls related to application development represent a small percentage of the total. With Eric and Travis joining AD&S, however, our scope of responsibility has expanded to include security controls for the Linux-based infrastructure on which AD&S applications and systems live. Although Eric’s position description does not explicitly include ISSA as a duty, he has enthusiastically taken full ownership of gathering evidence for over 50 of the controls. This is a very time-intensive activity, requiring persistence, attention to detail, and commitment to accuracy. He has also exercised great patience as he instructed me in an area in which I have little experience. Furthermore, I have been particularly impressed that Eric is leveraging this self-assessment as an opportunity to proactively strengthen the security of our systems. In these ways, Eric models excellence–he has gone above and beyond on behalf of the Libraries to ensure that our systems are secure.

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  • Spot Bonuses

    June 27, 2019

    Recognizing:  Brent Lewis, Mike Vanecko, Ariel Bacon, William Young, Tressa Graves, Alyssa Cruz, Christina Moore, Theresa Cavin, Audrey Wimbiscus, Karen Glenn, Mackenzie Sommers, Aaron Olivera, Brenda Vasquez, Debra Jackson, Molly Carlile, Joe Eckhart, Morris Levy, Stephanie Gilchrist, Ari Kravitz, Kyle Nugent, Matt Carmean, Matt Kelley, Jacob Smith, Andrew Eaton, Peter Wilson, Gary Cox, Brian Bandy, Sarah Davidson, Aaron Heil, Morag Boyd, Cate Putirskis, Marcela Estevez and Ryan Langhurst

    Congratulations to this group of colleagues for their work with the Book Depository in helping on short notice to inspect and rehouse some collections kept at that facility.  This work, carried out across multiple departments, demonstrates the commitment and professionalism these individuals displayed that exemplified our organizational value of stewardship.

    Each staff member will receive a $300 spot bonus award.

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  • Spot Bonuses: Loretta Smith, Danielle Wolf

    April 22, 2019

    Loretta Smith, Content and Access Division, received a $300 spot bonus for her extraordinary efforts moving Thompson Library serials with call numbers HB and HC from the second floor of the the Thompson Library to the second floor mezzanine floor.  Loretta’s work helped enrich our users experience by fixing errors and moving cramped materials into shelving with space.  Her experience allowed her to identify problems and solve them.

    Student Assistant Danielle Wolf excels in her regular duties of organizing and cataloging original art for the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum (BICLM) Art Database. A rare opportunity arose when a vacancy in BICLM staffing presented a need for a temporary museum assistant, specifically for the “Tales from La Vida” exhibit. Danielle enthusiastically agreed to take on these additional duties and responsibilities, demonstrating excellent organizational skills, follow-through and attention to detail throughout the project, which she completed while also fulfilling her art database responsibilities. Her efforts contributed greatly to the success of the exhibit, which was an important part of BICLM’s effort to engage the community for broader impact. Danielle received a $50 spot bonus.

    Congratulations to both our University Libraries colleagues.

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  • Spot bonus: Heather Kim

    April 11, 2019

    Congratulations to Heather Kim, student assistant, who has been awarded a $50 spot bonus for being a high-performing student and a dependable asset to the Libraries. 

    Heather was recognized for her outstanding performance and long-term dedication to University Libraries. She began her Libraries work as an East Asian Studies student assistant in October 2014, and as a Cataloging Assistant in January 2017. As a Cataloging Student Assistant at the Library Tech Center, she performed copy cataloging of non-Roman materials, input order records, and entered Electronic Thesis/Dissertation bibliographic data.

    Heather participated in the International Subject Heading Project, where she enhanced and exported 2,800 records with Vernacular Subject Headings and saved 730 records for supervisory review; searched 440 print records and drafted 100 new born digital Electric Theses/Dissertations, including construction of topical subject headings. Her experience as a Student Assistant for Area Studies was also helpful to fill in gaps in CJK workflow after the departure of the previous East Asian Program Assistant.

    We thank Heather for her dedication.

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  • Spot Bonus: Gaymon Wright

    November 2, 2018

    Gaymon Wright has received a $300 spot bonus for his work in ensuring that University Libraries patrons and staff have the best possible user experience.

    When a faulty driver update caused the Libraries system that manages network traffic, software patching and updates, print services, software license management, etc.) to start to fail at 2:30 a.m., Gaymon had critical services covered within 30 minutes. Not only would this issue have impacted the public, but many of the services that staff rely on to do their jobs would have been directly affected as well.

    Because the faulty software continued to cause issues with the cluster, Gaymon spent over 200 hours on weekends and evenings over a two-week period monitoring and rebuilding critical Library services, and you diligently worked with the vendor to find a more permanent solution.  

    Congratulations on a job well done.

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  • Spot Bonus: Hanna Primeau

    October 19, 2018

    Submitted by Kristin Gall:

    Congratulations to Hanna Primeau, Instructional Designer, who is the recipient of a $300 spot bonus for her work while covering both general education courses and a TA position.  When the Libraries’ Art and Design librarian recently left the system, Hanna enthusiastically agreed to help cover lower-level course which were requesting instruction.  She received excellent feedback from the instructor.  

    Hanna Primeau

    Hanna’s commitment to her work is an inspiration to her Libraries colleagues.

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  • Spot Bonus: Corazon Britton

    October 9, 2018

    Congratulations to Corazon Britton, who is the recipient of a $300 spot bonus award.

    Corazon was recognized for her extraordinary efforts with the OSUL Staff Professional Development Grant (SPDG).  Over the past few months, Corazon has  rewritten the instructions for applicants and reviewers, worked with colleagues to develop new application and rubric forms using Qualtrics, and served as the SAC liaison for the program. During this process, she recruited reviewers and planned an information session to cover how to apply for the grant program. The SPDG is an important way in which OSUL is investing in staff professional development and growth, and Corazon’s contributions are appreciated.

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  • Spot Bonus: Danielle Demmerle

    September 10, 2018

    Submitted by Kristen Gall:

    Congratulations to Danielle Demmerle, who received a spot bonus for her work in Special Collections.

    Danielle was recognized for her extraordinary efforts in helping the conservation unit this summer with treatments for books and paper flat items of Special Collections, advancing work that would have remained unattended during the change in leadership.  Included in her work were several books of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, the Hilandar Research Library, and almost 50 playbills and posters belonging to the Theater Research Institute. Danielle also trained other students and are currently creating a vendor and materials inventory, which is the first one in the history of the University Libraries’ conservation unit.

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  • Seven colleagues awarded spot bonuses for participation in Project Mentor Program

    July 18, 2018

    Submitted by Kristin Gall:

    Seven members of the University Libraries staff were awarded spot bonuses for their participation in the Project Mentor Program to advance our partnership with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. 

    Amy McCrory, Tara Krieder, Alison Armstrong, Lila Andersen, Amanda Clark, Ann Lennon and Karen Ferris each received a $300 bonus. Since November 2017, these staff members have traveled to a local public school to mentor a young person every week, impacting that student’s life.  Their involvement has also helped advance our strategic goal of supporting underserved and underrepresented populations. 

    Congratulations to these co-workers for their work in the community.

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  • Spot bonuses: Brian Miller, Jana Murphy

    June 28, 2018

    Congratulations to Brian Miller and Jana Murphy, who each have been awarded a $300 spot bonus excellence, commitment, and professionalism.

    Brian was recognized for his extraordinary efforts making Special Collections materials more available to new and existing users through Interlibrary Loan. Brian worked with Special Collections curators to grow this program to all areas of Special Collections, and worked with Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) colleagues to have this practice adopted for use among its members. This new practice here and the reciprocity in the BTAA will make Special Collections available and accessible to many new users, who in the past did not have access. Additionally, Brian will be presenting this process via webinars to other libraries for broader impact. These activities align with our strategic objectives around empowering knowledge creators, engaging for broader impact, enriching the user experience, and modeling excellence.

    Jana received her bonus for her extraordinary efforts in making more than 1,800 pages of treatment documentation findable and usable. These documents, which dated back to 2002, contained detailed information about work done on materials from OSUL’s Special Collections and the University Archives. Having them on paper with handwritten notes made it difficult to search for information. The initial plan was to scan all of the paper treatment records to PDFs, organize the files, and create a spreadsheet. Jana determined that scanning alone would not solve the problem of making the information findable, and  took the initiative to transcribe several key pieces of metadata from each paper treatment form, which resulted in a well thought out, carefully organized, searchable index to the unit’s treatment documentation. As a result, staff in the Conservation Unit have been able to quickly and easily locate the PDFs containing the information they need. Your initiative demonstrated exemplary user-centered thinking, and you created a tool that will save users time and help them do their work of stewarding OSU’s distinctive collections more effectively. 

    We congratulate both our colleagues on jobs well done.


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  • Spot bonuses: Sandra Enimil, Maria Scheid

    June 21, 2018

    Submitted by Kristin Gall: 

    Congratulations to Sandra Enimil and Maria Scheid, both recipients of University Libraries’ spot bonuses.

    Both were honored for their work co-hosting the University Intellectual Property Officers (UIPO) group at University Libraries.  The event, for 70 people, was highly successful, and the group was wowed by our people, facilities and welcoming atmosphere.  The co-hosts were recognized for showing our strengths to a broad cross section of professionals and leaders in the copyright arena.

    Sandra and Maria will each receive a $300 bonus.


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  • Spot Bonus: Sean Reagan

    June 15, 2018

    Submitted by Kristin Gall:

    Congratulations to Sean Reagan, who has received a $50 spot bonus. 

    Sean was recognized for his extraordinary efforts in finding a better way to digitize new boxes of items. Originally, the process involved setting up hundreds of folders on the J drive, and it took hours to complete. Sean came up with a simple procedure using Notepad, a program that is already present on our workstations, and wrote step-by-step instructions on how to create and correctly name hundreds of folders at one time.

    This new process only takes a few minutes, which saves us hours in production time. Additionally, it is adaptable to any file name(s) for other projects and it does not require any outside software.

    Good work, Sean!

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  • Spot Bonus: Nicole Hernandez

    February 13, 2018

    Submitted by Randall McKenzie:  Nicole Hernandez/Research Commons has received a $300 spot bonus.  Nicole developed a close working relationship Ohio State ADVANCE. Through conversations with ADVANCE staff, she learned the group was hoping to launch a new faculty lecture series this semester and recognized this as a strategic partnership opportunity.  Nicole is now leading a collaboration with ADVANCE so that the Research Commons is a co-sponsor and host for these programs. In addition to bolstering programming related to showcasing research across disciplines at Ohio State, this new partnership directly relates to the Libraries’ value of Equity – advancing diversity, inclusivity, access, and social justice – through our actions and engagement across the university.

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  • Spot Bonuses: Bartos, Haskett, Julian, Wright

    January 25, 2018

    Submitted by Randall McKenzie:  

    Christopher Bartos/Libraries IT received a $300 spot bonus for his extraordinary work during the Group Study Room Reservation Project.  Christopher was recognized for his maintenance of the legacy Room Reservation system, and his continuous improvements to the system.  A new reservation system was launched in December, and Christopher worked hard to close the feedback loop with internal and external users, incorporating them in the design and business logic that drives the new system.

    Eric Haskett, Travis Julian and Gaymon Wright, all of Libraries IT, each received a $300 spot bonus for their work in OSUL’s recent storage upgrade. Each was recognized for the exceptionally long hours and various specific contributions to the project that ensured its success.

    Congratulations to our colleagues on this deserved recognition and rewards for jobs well done.

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  • Enhancements to the Spot Bonus and Libraries Director’s Award

    October 10, 2017

    Submitted by John Dewees:  The Staff Advisory Council had requested that the Spot Bonus and University Libraries Director’s Award for Outstanding CCS/A&P Staff Performance have their award amounts increased and we are very pleased to announce that this has both been approved and already gone in to effect.

    Previously, the monetary award for both of these programs was $300 and $750 before taxes were taken out, but now the award amount has been “grossed up.” That means when awarded a Spot Bonus, your actual take-home amount will be $300, and when receiving the Director’s Award, your actual take-home will be $750.

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  • Maps project results in spot bonuses for 15 University Libraries’ colleagues

    October 5, 2017

    The work of several staff and student workers saw the completion of a significant project for the Geology Library and the Map Room at the Thompson Library.  A total of 15 staff members were recognized with spot bonuses for their work in adding 19,682 item records for maps to the collections in the Geology Library and Map Room. Completion of this project had many benefits, including giving a clearer picture of what is available in the map collections, enabling duplicate maps to be readily weeded, better preparing the maps for digitization projects, and making the items in the collection discoverable via our search tools.

    Thanks and congratulations to Patti Dittoe, Jan Wagner, Terrill Jenkins, Courtney Wolford, Andersen Weaver, Jessie Tirpak, Devin Smigle, Nyna Sayarath, Alexandria Roberts, Allison Petro,  Mara Mason,  Carl Fischer, Devon Buchanan, Jovantae Brandon and Bitania Admasu.

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  • Spot Bonuses: Kellie Jones, Luke Knapke

    October 5, 2017

    Submitted by Kristin Gall:  Congratulations to Kellie Jones and Luke Knapke, who each received a $50 spot bonus for their extraordinary efforts when they processed 10 Google carts in 10 days (instead of the typical four weeks) during the absence of two other staff members. This enabled the Libraries to provide a full shipment of books without interruption.

    You continued to do excellent work during the recent CMT disruptions. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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  • Spot Bonus: Lauren Ziminski

    September 11, 2017

    Submitted by Kristin Gall:  Congratulations to Lauren Ziminski, student assistant, who is receiving a $50 spot bonus.

    Lauren is being recognized for her extraordinary efforts in reaching out to other students, including the inaugural Expanding Visions Foundation interns and the students from the Young Scholars program. Lauren spoke about her experiences working at and attending Ohio State with the EVF interns and the Young Scholars Program students. She also made her unit’s EVF intern welcome and participated in training and answering questions when the supervisor was occupied with other tasks.

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  • Spot Bonus awards go to Expanded Visions Program (EVP) participants

    September 11, 2017

    Submitted by Kristin Gall:  The following individuals have received $300 spot bonuses for their work with the EVP program over the summer:

    • Liaisons:  Nena Couch, Deidra Herring
    • Mentors:  Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros, Belle Teesdale, Jennifer Vinopal, Beth Black, Marcela Estevez
    • Supervisors:  Larry Allen, Tina Franks, Lisa Chiong, Cate Putirskis, Zoe MacLeod

    In early 2017, the Executive Committee agreed to a one-year pilot program with the Expanded Visions Foundation (EVF), in which University Libraries would host five high school interns for nine weeks during the summer.

    The EVF liaisons, Deidra and Nena, were instrumental with the interviews, intern selection, program budget, weekly programming for the students, and all logistics regarding this pilot program. The supervisors and mentors all volunteered to participate in the program and spent countless of hours training, advising, mentoring and networking with the students.

    During the program celebration lunch on August 11, each intern shared a personal account about their positive experience with this program overall, mentioning how much they appreciated their supervisors and mentors. 

    The participants demonstrated flexibility and recalibration as we tried out this effort for the first time.  They also provided feedback throughout the process, intended to make it easier, and a better experience for the EVF students.  This allowed the pilot to iteratively develop through everyone’s shared commitment. 

    This pilot program was a huge success, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the liaisons, mentors and supervisors. Each colleague went above and beyond their normal work responsibilities to ensure that the interns had a meaningful experience at the Libraries this summer.

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  • Spot Bonuses: Chen, El-Sherbini, Moore, Ness, Reese, Seo

    April 10, 2017

    Congratulations to several colleagues recently awarded spot bonuses for exceptional work.

    Sherab Chen, Magda El-Sherbini, Christina Moore, Terry Reese and Sanghee Seo received bonuses for their work in assisting with the ingesting of more than 25,000 historical Ph.D. theses into the OhioLINK ETD Center, OCLC Worldcat and Sierra.  

    Robyn Ness was awarded a bonus for her work with the development and creation of an iTunes U course on how librarians can partner with teaching faculty around information literacy.

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  • Spot Bonus: Thomas

    January 25, 2017

    Jeff Thomas has received a $300 spot bonus for his work in creating an exhibition in the Thompson Library on the life of John Glenn.   After the passing of the former senator and astronaut, Jeff also cleaned and enhanced the Glenn exhibit at Page Hall, giving multiple tours for members of the news media.  Jeff also responded to media inquiries from around the world, and coordinated work with the production company that created the video displays for Glenn’s memorial service.


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  • Spot Bonuses: Bonzella, Goble, Roberts

    January 11, 2017

    (1/11/17) Congratulations to student assistants Nathan Bonzella, Robert Goble and Ben Roberts, who each received a $50 spot bonus for their work on November 28, when unfortunate tragic events unfolded on the OSU campus.  These student workers kept patrons of our spaces calm, informed and safe during the lock-down that coincided with this active violent event.

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  • Spot Bonuses: Walsh, Bishop, Roland, Coles

    January 4, 2017


    Maureen Walsh was awarded a $300 spot bonus award for her work in making Senator John Glenn’s oral histories online in the Knowledge Bank.  When the senator died on December 8, his oral histories became open to the public. Providing them online became a high priority for the Ohio Congressional Archives. Maureen worked well into the night to get the transcripts and abstracts into the Knowledge Bank and publicly accessible the day of Senator Glenn’s passing, making his own reflections on his life available worldwide.

    Student assistants Emily Bishop, Allegra Roland and Braden Coles each received a $50 spot bonus for their extraordinary work on November 28, when unfortunate tragic events unfolded on the OSU campus.  These student workers kept patrons of our spaces calm, informed and safe during the lock-down that coincided with this active violent event.


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