University Libraries’ Spot Bonus Program is a mechanism to:

  1. Recognize and celebrate an extraordinary deed beyond the scope of the recipient’s normal job responsibilities that furthers the mission of University Libraries.
  2. Foster a culture that values meritorious contributions of staff.
  3. Encourage excellent performance.
  4. Provide a reward that is timely.
  5. Recognize efforts that advance diversity, inclusivity and fairness in our collections, services, scholarship and organizational development.

Faculty, staff and student employees of University Libraries may be nominated for a Spot Bonus. Health Sciences, Law or Regional Campus library employees are not eligible.

Employees can receive multiple Spot Bonus recognitions, but can only receive a monetary award once per calendar year.

Spot Bonus awards are $300 for faculty and staff and $50 for student employees and are taxable.

Please refer to the Reward and Recognition Policy for additional details.

Spot Bonus Nomination Form