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IT Digital Library Web Developer Position Announcement

Submitted by Kristen Menchen:

University Libraries is launching the recruitment for our Digital Library Web Developer role, reporting to Russell Shelby.

We are asking for your help in Active Recruiting! If you know of someone that may be qualified and interested in this role, please share the job posting. You can also use one of the email templates we have created to share with organizations or associations you are involved in.

If you know of a candidate that is interested in the role, please ensure they apply for the position and send their information to Human Resources.

Download Position Description >>

Unemployment Fraud Resources

Submitted by Randall McKenzie:

In the past year, the number of fraudulent unemployment claims filed in the United States has dramatically increased. This is not an issue that is unique to the state of Ohio. However, Ohio State employees need to be aware of the threat and know how to access the resources available, if notified by the State of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) or Human Resources at Ohio State that a potentially fraudulent claim has been filed in their name.

Read more on the HR website including what to expect and resources that are available to employees if this happens.

Working with Students on Accommodations

Submitted by Kristen Menchen:

More than 4,000 students at Ohio State have disclosed a disability, yet surveys of the Columbus campus reveal that students with disabilities continue to report a lower sense of belonging and acceptance than students without disabilities.

To help instructors at all levels set a supportive tone and establish an effective process for working with students with disabilities, Student Life Disability Services and the ADA Coordinator’s Office have developed the Beyond Compliance Toolkit, an online collection of articles and videos that offer insight into fostering a campus culture of inclusion. This webpage also includes links to information on managing accommodation requests, points of contact, best practices, and education and training.

Please review the Beyond Compliance Toolkit and reflect on how you welcome students with disabilities and how you work with students who request accommodations.

Student Life Disability Services and the ADA Coordinator’s Office are prepared to assist with any questions you might have and welcome any inquiries for support.

Thank you for your support and the efforts you make to help all Buckeyes fulfill their potential.

Resources Include:

Requesting Time Off in Workday

Submitted by Randall McKenzie:

Employees can view the Time Off Processes job aid in the ARC for information related to:

  • Viewing Time Off
  • Requesting Time Off
  • Canceling an Unapproved Time Off Request
  • Correcting an Approved Time Off Request
  • Deleting an Approved Time Off Request

Important! Workday has two leave types: “Time Off” and “Leave of Absence.”  Requests using vacation, sick, jury duty, etc. are considered “Time Off.”  Requests for longer-term absences, including Family Medical Leave and Short-term Disability are considered “Leave of Absence.”  Leaves of Absence may impact pay and benefits and often require additional documentation for approval. Employees should consult with Human Resources prior to submitting a request for leave of absence.

Reminder: Meal Periods in Workday

Submitted by Randall McKenzie:

Meal Periods in Workday

  • If an employee takes a meal period of fewer than 20 minutes, it’s treated in Workday as a break rather than a meal and is paid time.
  • When an employee clocks-out using the “meal” designation and clocks-in less after less than 20-minutes, Workday will add that time back into the timesheet.  This can cause a discrepancy in the way time displays in the Time and Absence Dashboard and the Time Calendar.  The time that is on the Calendar View (example below) is the time for which the employee will be paid.
  • Employees should continue to use the “meal” designation when clocking-out for a meal break.  If an employee takes a meal period that is less than 20 minutes, that time is required to be paid (per FLSA) and will therefore be added back into the regular time.
  • As a reminder, employees are expected to take a meal period. Meal periods provide the opportunity to step away from your work, encourage wellbeing and to refresh during the day. Employees should aim to take at least a 30-minute unpaid meal period. If an employee needs to work through their meal period, they should work with their supervisor for approval prior to doing so. Regular need to eliminate a meal period may require a Flexible Work Arrangement.  You can find some additional guidance in the break and meal section of the Time, Reporting and Work Schedules Guidelines.

Active Recruiting and Position Posting for Continuations and Streaming Media Specialist

Submitted by Kristen Menchen:

We are launching our first recruitment of 2021! We are currently recruiting for a Continuations and Streaming Media Specialist, reporting to Anita Foster. You can find the job posting online here or download a PDF version here. This position is posted until February 15, 2021.

As we work to shift our culture of recruiting, we are asking that the entire University Libraries organization participate in active recruiting. We know that leveraging current employees is one of the most successful ways to recruit candidates. We want our employees to share job postings with organizations and networks in which they participate in an effort to expand our reach and increase the diversity of our candidate pools. While this is not required, you are encouraged to activate your networks!

For ease, we have created templates (pages 2 and 3) that you can use when sharing job postings and position descriptions. Simply copy and paste the text into an email.

If you know of a candidate for this role, please encourage that they apply and reach out to HR or our Talent Acquisition Consultant, Pam Hood, at

Important Information for Student Hiring

Submitted by Randall McKenzie:

Now that we have transitioned to Workday, there have been several frequently asked questions related to the student hiring process.  Please review the below FAQs when preparing to hire student employees.

Note: Because of the volume of requests, we ask that you please take a moment review the resources available in the Administrative Resource Center (ARC) and in the Libraries Student Hiring Checklist before reaching out for assistance. There is also a list of FAQs for hiring managers in the ARC.

  1. What do I need to include in my student job requisition?
    1. Follow the Create Job Requisition and Federal Work Study job aids for detailed information. There is also a video demonstration in the ARC.
    2. Students must be hired using a supervisory organization ending in “JM.” If there is not a “JM” supervisory organization available contact HR Connection for assistance.
    3. Include the word “Student” in the Job Posting Title to make it clear to that this position is a student position.
    4. In the “Justification” box include information related to the posting, including:
      • How long the job should remain posted (minimum 7 days)
      • Names of any students expected to apply for the job
    5. Do not edit or add information in the “Job Description Summary” box.
    6. The “Job Description” box should include the position description and any required or desired qualifications.
    7. The “Additional Job Description” box should include “Federal Work Study eligible” or “Federal Work Study required” if considering FWS students.
    8. The “Time Entry Method” should be “Workday Time Clock.”
  2. How do students apply to my job posting?
    1. Instructions for finding job postings are on the library student jobs website. There is also a job aid in the ARC.
    2. It is estimated that the job application process takes less than 5 minutes.
  3. What do I do if I know the student I want to hire into the job prior to the posting?
    1. All jobs must be posted using Workday. In most cases, jobs should be posted for at least 7 days.
    2. If you have a returning student please ensure they apply for the position and contact your Talent Acquisition Consultant with the required information (see question 7).
  4. How do I view candidates who have applied to my job?
    1. Hiring managers can view applicants by selecting the Recruitment dashboard in Workday and navigating to the open job requisition. Follow the job aid or video demo in the ARC for more detail.
  5. How do I schedule interviews for my job?
    1. Hiring Managers may contact applicants and schedule interviews on their own—there is no action needed in Workday for this step.
  6. What if the student I want to hire has another university job?
    1. During the job interview, please ask if the student has another university job. We will need to know at the time of job offer if:
      • Student has another job on campus and will add a second job in Libraries.
      • Student is leaving another job on campus and will transfer employment to Libraries.
  7. I am ready to hire a student—what do I do now?
    1. Hiring managers should email the Talent Acquisition Consultant that is assigned to the job requisition. Please include student name, pay rate, weekly hours, if the student is leaving or transferring another university job, and tentative start date.  (Start date should be listed as the first day of a biweekly pay period.)
  8. How do I view where my student is in the hiring process?
    1. Follow the Checking Candidate Status job aid in the ARC.
  9. How do I know when my student has completed the hiring process?
    1. The hiring manager will receive a Workday notification when hiring is complete.
  10. My student doesn’t have Workday Time Clock—what should I do?
    1. Follow the Edit Time Entry Method job aid to update.
  11. How do I monitor my student’s Federal Work Study balance?
    1. Supervisors can run a report in Workday to monitor FWS balances, however, we are learning more about the availability of this report. More information coming soon.

Workday Notifications

Submitted by Kristen Menchen:

We have received questions about the notifications and reminders received by employees and managers in Workday. Below is a breakdown of notifications that are received by role:

Weekly Reminders for Managers for time the prior week:

  • Reminder on Monday and Tuesday to approve time, if not already approved
  • Notification on Monday if unmatched time clock events (missed punches) exist. Note: this is only applicable to managers of employees using external time clocks or Workday time clock

Weekly Reminders for Employees:

  • Reminder on Friday afternoon to submit time for the current week, if not already submitted
  • Reminder on Sunday & Monday morning to submit time for the prior week, if not already submitted
  • Notification on Sunday if unmatched time clock events (missed punches) exist for the prior week. Note: this is only applicable to employees using external time clocks or Workday time clock
  • Notification on Sunday if any time entry and edits were made on the employee’s behalf for the prior week

Additional Information:

  • Employees and managers only receive notifications if time has not already been submitted or approved, respectively
  • Days/times are subject to change for these notifications in the future
  • Reminders will be sent as Outlook emails and in Workday notifications (bell icon)
  • Managers will also receive Outlook emails and Workday inbox items for absence tasks (e.g. time off requests) they need to approve
  • Employees will be notified via Outlook email and Workday notifications when their manager approves their time off

Workday Monthly Certification Changes

Submitted by Kristen Menchen:

With the implementation of Workday, there are changes to the process and timing for completing monthly employee certifications. Previously, the employee certification would have been sent via eLeave for monthly employees around the middle of the month asking for certification for the upcoming month. In Workday, the employee certification will be sent to managers at the end of the month and is backward-looking.

A review task will be sent to the Workday Inbox of all managers on the last business day of the month to certify that their employees are active and should receive pay for the period. Managers will need to review their direct reports listed on the report dashboard through the link provided on the certification. This activity must be completed within two weeks of receiving the Workday Inbox task.

For more information, please review the job aid available on the Administrative Resource Center.

Extension of Vacation Accrual Exception

Submitted by Randall McKenzie:

Many faculty and staff have not been able to use vacation time in 2020 and risk losing vacation accrued that exceeds the maximum carryover. In appreciation for all that our employees have done, the decision was made to extend the exception to the maximum carryover to the end of the current fiscal year, June 30, 2021. This extension provides employees the flexibility to use accrued vacation over the maximum until their anniversary date that occurs after July 1, 2021. Please see additional details on the HR COVID-19 FAQ page (questions 5 and 6 in the leave section).