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Larson Named 2022-23 Open Education Network Fellow

Submitted by Amanda Folk:

We are excited to announce that Amanda Larson will be the Open Education Network (OEN) 2022 – 2023 Fellow,developing our Open Pedagogy Action Pathway. Amanda will be creating the faculty learning circle program, including facilitating OEN-wide faculty learning circles focused on open pedagogical practices and developing training for OEN members to run their own learning circles.

In her role as Affordable Learning Instructional Consultant, Amanda Larson creates professional development opportunities for staff, librarians and instructors around open pedagogy and open educational practices. She also liaises with the Affordable Learning Exchange where she supports strategic planning, grant project management and the development of curricular resources. She holds a Master of Literature from Eastern Michigan University and Master of Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Beth Kattelman Honored by the Theatre Library Association

Submitted by Nena Couch:

The Theatre Library Association (TLA) is honoring Dr. Beth Kattelman as the recipient of the 2022 Louis Rachow Distinguished Service in Performing Arts Award. She will be recognized at the TLA Awards Ceremony on October 14. The Rachow Award celebrates those whose vision, energy and knowledge have extended the boundaries of librarianship and performance-related scholarship.

Beth Kattelman has made major contributions to performing arts librarianship as a curator, scholar, performing artist and teacher, bringing her expertise in each area together to build collections and services and to support the profession. As Curator of University Libraries’ Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute, she leads performing arts special collections at Ohio State. With a courtesy appointment in the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts, she is active in directing and student advising.

Beth works closely with faculty and students, engaging them with primary sources that give students the opportunity to use analytical and critical thinking skills, to take an active role in learning and to recognize that sources reflect diverse perspectives. She teaches regularly, is a prolific scholar and creative theatre artist, and has a long and substantial record of national service. Congratulations to Beth for this recognition of her accomplishments and contributions to the theatre librarianship.

Kudos: June, 2022

June 6:  Nancy Colvin, Marcela Estevez, Ash Faulkner, John Hager, Kevlin Haire, Michelle Henley, Amanda Larson, Randall McKenzie and Tracey Overbey

From Tina Franks: Kudos to the 2021‐2022 Professional Development and Organizational Learning (PDOL) committee members! They have been instrumental in the success of the inaugural year of the committee. Their skills, talents and time have advanced the committee’s work at lightning speed!

Each of them has enthusiastically collected information from across the organization as part of a gap
analysis last autumn. The collected information helped us create subgroups earlier this year to develop
four forthcoming initiatives which support professional development and organization across the
Libraries. We’ll be sharing additional information about the Professional Development Hub for finding
professional development opportunities, upcoming PDOL‐sponsored signature events and a Peer Expert
network in the coming weeks.

As committee chair, I appreciate that they have embraced our committee’s charge to serve as a central
resource to identify, develop, and coordinate learning and professional development activities in
support University Libraries strategic plan and core mission for all employees, faculty, and staff.
Congratulations to all for their invaluable service!

June 10: Michelle Drobik

From Kevlin Haire:  A mighty kudos to Michelle Drobik for helping me bring in a large collection from a student organization. It required a lot of time and muscle, but she cheerfully and ably assisted me in getting everything into the Archives. I couldn’t have done it without her, so thanks, Michelle!

June 14: Jen Henman

From Kevin Bauer:  One of the parking lots at the LTC was closed without warning on Monday morning. Jen sent an email to all LTC faculty and staff explaining the situation, including alternative parking options. Thanks Jen!

June 16: Mark Moziejko and Brent Lewis

From Sandra Howe-Forney: Thank to Mark and Brent for helping with the carpet cleaning and moving vendors during my unscheduled absence on Friday June 10, 2022. You all helped keep everything moving. You helped with access issues and with putting all furniture back in proper placement. You made sure each area was completed and kept the work going. I appreciate the teamwork and assistance you all showed and for always being great partners. Again thank you for your help with all the “heavy lifting.”

Mark, this is one of the more disruptive building cleaning projects that I orchestrate. Having an
emergency come up as it happens, just adds to the stress. Your reassurance that you all would take care
of it helped me to relax a little. I really appreciated this. I did not have to struggle with my work/life
balance. I could just go do life and know that whatever was going on here, everything was going to be
okay. Thank you so much for that.

Brent, I really appreciate how your team continues to do all these things(Workpool jobs,) even though
your staffing is not at the level you need for the work being done. The “Can do ‐ Must do” attitude I see
is AMAZING! I can’t thank you enough and I am very grateful to have you on our team!
Thank you all for making sure I was able to attend to my family although this cleaning event was

June 14: Christina Moore

From Pamela Cale: A curator urgently needed a Russian book cataloged for a summer institute. I couldn’t catalog it because it was in Russian and needed input into the database. I asked Christina if she could make this a priority and catalog it that day or the next. Christina made it a priority and cataloged the book that day and I was able to give it to the curator the next day.

I appreciate Christina making this a priority and getting this done so quickly so the curator would have it available for the summer institute which started this week.

June 21: Tony Maniaci

From Loretta Smith: My boss Tony has always been supportive, but I want to thank him particularly for providing an unprecedented level of support during a very difficult year where serious personal medical issues and difficulty locating reliable students available to work have challenged not only me but many of my colleagues. He’s the rock to which many of us look and I want him to know how much he is appreciated!
Folks that interact with Stacks know how far behind we’ve fallen this past month due to severe lack of
space for academic year end returns/new acquisitions and lack of summer semester students available.
To assist Stacks, Tony sent up extra help from the Circ. area and has been working very hard with various
departments towards resolving the THO space issues and planning the STX expansion. Tony also
redirected several student applicants up to my area for hire and worked with HR while I was on vacation
time last week to expedite the processes. Thank you so much for everything over the decades and
especially now when Stacks really needs it! I especially appreciate the moral support and guidance!

Meet Student Employee Scholarship Recipient Doran Dyer

An article featuring one of the 2022 University Libraries Student Employee Scholarship recipients has been published on the Libraries website. The article features a Q&A with Doran Dyer, a mailroom assistant in Thompson Library. Read the article to learn more about Dyer, his time with University Libraries and what this scholarship means to him.

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Meet Student Employee Scholarship Recipient Leah Collins

Submitted by Casey Cramer:

A portrait of Leah Collins. She is looking to the left with a smirk on her face.

Leah Collins


An article featuring one of the 2022 University Libraries Student Employee Scholarship recipients has been published on the Libraries website. The article features a Q&A with Leah Collins, a student assistant in Circulation at Thompson Library. Read the article now to learn more about Collins, her time with University Libraries and what this scholarship means to her.

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This article is the fifth profile being shared about our Student Employee Scholarship recipients. Be sure to look for more recipient profiles to be published in the coming weeks!

University Libraries Teaching Awards Recipients Announced

Submitted by Amanda Folk:

The Annual Excellence in Teaching Award honors one librarian who has created and delivered exemplary or innovative instruction programs over a single calendar year. For 2021, the awardee is Jane Hammons, Teaching & Learning Engagement Librarian. The breadth of Jane’s instructional offerings for 2021 was particularly notable. In 2021, Jane designed and facilitated instructor development programming, including standalone webinars, self-paced courses in Carmen and multi-week workshops with synchronous and asynchronous elements, all of which are intended to help instructors integrate concepts related to information literacy into their own teaching. She also authored several teaching and activity guides for the university’s new virtual hub for teaching support, the Teaching & Learning Resource Center. Jane’s work has not only had significant reach at Ohio State, but her workshops have also been included in the Ohio College Teaching Consortium’s Inclusive Teaching Endorsement. Jane’s work related to instructional development programming was formally recognized in 2021 when she was named a Drake Institute Affiliate. In addition, Jane worked directly with undergraduate students through co-curricular programming, such as the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program and the First Year Success Series and a credit-bearing course for which she served as the instructor of record. Jane helped to facilitate the sharing of information on teaching-related activities in University Libraries as a co-author of the Annual Report on Teaching and the Instructor Development Annual Report. She documented the impact of her work with five conference presentations, one keynote presentation, one book chapter and two journal publications. Congratulations, Jane!

Meet Student Employee Scholarship Recipient Jacob Fields

Submitted by Casey Cramer:

Jacob Fields

An article featuring one of the 2022 University Libraries Student Employee Scholarship recipients has been published on the Libraries website. The article features a Q&A with Jacob Fields, a labeling student assistant at the Libraries Tech Center. Read the article now to learn more about Fields, his time with University Libraries and what this scholarship means to him.

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This article is the fourth profile being shared about our Student Employee Scholarship recipients. Be sure to look for more recipient profiles to be published in the coming weeks!

Research Award: 2022 ALA Library Instructional Round Table Top 20 Instructional Article

Submitted by Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros:

The ALA Library Instructional Round Table (LIRT) has selected the article “Information Literacy for Global Inclusion: Designing an Annotated Bibliography for Global Search and Selection” as one of the top 20 instructional articles published in 2021. The article was published in the journal of Communications in Information Literacy and co-written by Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros and Beth Black. It was selected among the 300+ research articles reviewed by the LIRT committee on library instruction. The top 20 articles will be featured in the June issue of LIRT News. Beth and Pamela would like to thank Meris Longmeier and Craig Gibson for their editorial support and contribution to their article. Pamela would like to thank Beth for her openness to explore area studies information literacy gaps and opportunities.

CFBRR Research Awards Granted

Submitted by Belinda Hurley:

The Committee for Faculty Benefits, Research, and Responsibilities (CFBRR) is pleased to announce that Mara Frazier is the recipient of the University Libraries Research Excellence Award. Congratulations to Mara on her article “Labanotation is Creative: How a Systems Perspective Reveals Creativity in Labanotation and its Archives.” Mara’s article was published in the Journal of Movement Arts Literacy (7, no. 1, (2021): 105-131).

CFBRR is also pleased to announce that Beth Kattelman has been awarded the Distinguished Scholar Award. It should be noted that this award has rigorous requirements and has not been made since 2015/2016. Beth’s extensive and impressive scholarship made the decision especially gratifying for the committee (and an easy decision to make!). You can view Beth’s scholarship at her page.

Congratulations to the 2022 Dean’s Award Winners

From left to right: Alicia Perkins, Maria Scheid, Damon Jaggars and Brent Lewis

Submitted by Nancy Colvin:

Congratulations to Brent Lewis, Alicia Perkins and Maria Scheid, our 2022 Dean’s Award for Staff Excellence winners!

These annual awards recognize CCS and A&P staff for exceptional service to their department, to the Libraries and to The Ohio State University.

Brent Lewis has been a valuable member of the University Libraries staff for ten years, but throughout the pandemic his performance has been exceptional. Along with his facilities colleagues, Brent navigated constant change over the past two years. From moving furniture and shutting down the stacks to addressing mask compliance, Brent played a key role in ensuring the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.

Throughout Alicia Perkins‘ career with University Libraries, she has consistently shown her dedication to helping students, assisting colleagues and advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility within Libraries. Alicia exceeds expectations when working with marginalized users, including a seeing-impaired EHE Fulbright Scholar in navigating Thompson Library resources and mentoring a PIC high school student at the Human Ecology Library. Alicia’s skill, expertise and calm nature have ensured the success of many programs and help Libraries fulfill its mission.

Maria Scheid has exemplified sustained and ongoing excellence and achievement in her overall work performance for the past seven years. With unwavering commitment and dedication to University Libraries and the Ohio State community, Maria has advanced our mission, lived our values and elevated our services. As the copyright services coordinator, Maria supports Ohio State faculty, staff and students by providing guidance and education on the application of copyright law to facilitate teaching, research and scholarship. Maria’s expertise and work ethic may only be eclipsed by her generosity – with partners, with constituents and with our community at-large.

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