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Kudos: Bierman, Halm, Robb, McGurk, Scott, Stiles, Henman, Centeno

From Susan Liberator: A huge kudos to BICLM Students, Brenna Bierman and Emma Halm, for creating the first ever BICLM video tutorials on how to search the BICLM databases! While teleworking, they developed scripts, navigated video recording programs and were able to produce tools to help patrons search the collections. Jenny Robb, Caitlin McGurk, and Marilyn Scott provided timely feedback so that we were able to refine/edit the scripts. Anna Stiles was a huge help by providing friendly support, finalizing the videos and creating access for our patrons. Thank you all!

From Morris LevyJen Henman recently completed a telework project for which she corrected 1,500 bibliographic records in Sierra with missing or incorrect publication dates. She diligently reviewed every bib record and suggested replacement date and prevented one error being replaced by another on many occasions. Thanks to her work, these records are now included in a search that employs a date limit.

From Danny Dotson: Thanks to Miriam Centeno for joining the Great Lakes Science Boot Camp virtual chat about reopening libraries – it was super helpful to have someone dealing with policies around collections so we have some specifics!

Kudos: OConnell, Reese, Cox

From Karla StriebChristine OConnell made time with no notice to format a letter for me as I was going into a meeting. I had it back and ready to go on it’s way in under ten minutes so that I could send it out in the few minutes between the subsequent meetings. Thanks Christine for making me look so good.

From Sean Moodie: We have a lot of gratitude for the work that Terry Reese and Gary Cox did in order to have a temporary remote computer and the necessary system authorizations in place for Skye McEowen’s first day of work, and for working with Skye to get a University Libraries laptop delivered soon after. Because of their efforts and the swift turnaround time, the technology was in place immediately, which is critical in our current telework environment. Thank you, Terry and Gary! Your help made the technology part of the onboarding process seamless.

Kudos: Higgins, McKenzie, Beach, McClung, Cramer, Leeper, Chan, Braun, Buckey, Klose

From Lila Andersen: Over the past few weeks, Julie Higgins has been a critical source of information as I’ve work on a couple of projects. She was available for on-the-spot conversations via Skype and Zoom and followed up with me to ensure I had everything I needed. I really appreciated the time she took to assist, her accessibility, her patience and general positive attitude.

From Christina Adams and Rachel Schreier: Big thanks to everyone who helped with the Rudolph Student Book Award Scholarship. Randall McKenzie, Kathryn Beach and Julie Higgins were so helpful to us as we tried to figure out how this award was paid out in the past and how we should handle payment this year, Pam McClung and Casey Cramer made a fabulous flyer for us to share, Anna Leeper helped publish a story about our winner and edited our award letter, Sara Chan shared so many of her resources and both Sara and Jolie Braun voluntarily sat on our review panel and provided us with excellent feedback and suggestions for how to improve the award process in the future. Thank you all!

From Jenny Robb: A slightly belated kudos to Warren Buckey for his AV assistance throughout BICLM’s French Comics Symposium held February 28+29, 2020. Warren went above and beyond to make sure that all the AV ran smoothly for all the presenters throughout the event, which was an important collaboration between the Libraries and the Department of French and Italian. He helped us to prepare for the event by testing the equipment and meeting with the presenters in advance and he willingly gave up his Friday evening and Saturday. Several presenters commented that this was one of the only conferences they had ever attended that didn’t have technology problems! The symposium was a success and could not have happened without his support. Thanks!

From Karla StriebAnnamarie Klose volunteered last fall to facilitate the Libraries’ group participation in the ALCTS/LITA/LLAMA Exchange. Planned as a fully virtual event, the Exchange planning powered through the shift to telework. Anna did a fantastic job organizing participation for the Libraries and many different faculty and staff attended sessions, engaged with online content, and are likely to still watch archives of presentations. Anna excellent leadership and organizing skills made this event a success for many of our colleagues.


Kudos: Leeper, Cramer, McClung, Levy

From Nancy Colvin: I want to say thank you and recognize Casey Cramer, Anna Leeper and Pam McClung. They have quickly adapted to our new telework environment and done all they can to support their colleagues across University Libraries. They’ve tackled every challenge, from developing e-cards and email templates to helping facilitate, promote and share online programming. Instead of saying, “I can’t,” or “I don’t know how,” they’ve researched, experimented, adjusted and made it work. I appreciate their willingness to stretch and learn and the positive energy they bring to their work.

From Jenny Robb: Many thanks to Morris Levy for his work in updating a large number of BICLM library catalog records for a donor project. As a result of his swift response and completion of the project, we were able to more accurately reflect which materials were purchased using an endowment and to better tell our donor about the impact of the gift.

Annual Research Excellence Award Announced

Submitted by Wendy Pflug:

The Committee for Faculty Benefits, Research, and Responsibilities is pleased to announce that Caitlin McGurk is the recipient of the University Libraries Research Excellence Award. 

Congratulations to Caitlin on her article, “Lovers, Enemies, and Friends: The Complex and coded early history of lesbian comic strip characters.” You can access Caitlin’s article at:

Kudos: Little, Gosha, Smock, Miller, Dai, Bernazzoli, Bolin, Dittoe, Devereaux, Lowes, Smith, Founds, Henkaline, Davis, Hernandez, Reese, Lowry, Hidalgo

From Amanda Folk: Teaching & Learning would like to give a huge THANK YOU! to all of our colleagues in University Libraries and at the regional campuses who volunteered for shifts and helped us to offer a completely virtual Reference service in the second half of the spring semester. Because of their support and expertise, we were able to offer expanded service hours, including nights and weekends, to Buckeyes who were now seeking help across the globe and in different time zones. Demand for Reference increased significantly during this time, and we could not have met the needs of our users if it had not been for your support, expertise, and teamwork. We appreciate each of you! Kudos to Brittany Little, David Gosha, Emily Smock, Gwen Short (OARDC Library), Jim Miller, John Dai, Kathy Yoder (ATI Library), Laura Bernazzoli, Laura Miller (OARDC Library), Orie Bolin, Patti Dittoe, Sam Devereaux, Shari Lowes, Zane Smith, Andrea Wittmer (Mansfield Campus Library), Ryan Clouston (Mansfield Campus Library), Stephanie Founds, Kristin Henkaline, Stacey McKenna (Newark Campus Library), Holly Davis, and Nicole Hernandez. 

From Anna Leeper: With the transition to a virtual environment, I’ve had to take on a significant increase in video editing projects. The software I was using was running incredibly slowly, making my job nearly impossible and extremely frustrating. After submitting a ticket, Terry Reese very quickly identified the problem and kindly and patiently explained to me how to solve the issue. The software is now running the way it should. I’m thrilled with Terry’s help, and I am so thankful that he’s enabled us to keep producing video content to engage with University Libraries users in our digital environments!

From Amanda Folk: When we made the shift to teleworking, Cheryl Lowry quickly offered the Student Assistant Training (SAT) program to student employee supervisors as an opportunity for student employees to participate in meaningful telework that is related to educationally purposeful student employment. Typically we would get about 8 student employees participating in iSkills and Workplace Communication in the spring semester. This year we had 50 students enroll in iSkills and 65 students enrolled in Workplace Communication. In order to meet this drastic increase in enrollments, Stephanie Founds and Ann Hidalgo helped Cheryl with grading in the Workplace Communication module. I appreciate all of the work that Cheryl, Stephanie, and Ann put into offering the SAT Program to as many students as possible during the COVID-19 disruption.

Kudos: OConnell, Hammons, Primeau, Ramey, Dotson, Larson, Flierl, Founds, Cramer, Leeper, McGurk, Drozd, Anderson, Davis, Hernandez, Davis, Aihara, Miyazaki

From Rocki StraderChristine OConnell helped me get 24 letters DocuSigned by various writers and returned back to me. And she set them up so quickly that I was easily able to get the letters distributed on time. She was responsive to all my newbie questions about the process, and made my life much easier! Thanks, Christine!

From Amanda FolkJane Hammons, Hanna Primeau, and Diana Ramey worked very quickly to create a useful and comprehensive Keep Teaching LibGuide for our University Libraries colleagues as soon as the COVID-19 disruption to SP20 courses was announced. In addition, they offered their own support and expertise to our colleagues as they quickly needed to change their own teaching plans due to the shift to online-only education.

From Amanda Folk: Realizing that instructors would need quick access to digital learning materials due to the shift in online-only education, Danny Dotson and Amanda Larson worked quickly to update and make available an Affordability LibGuide that Danny had been working on. In addition to highlighting University Libraries’ digital resources (i.e. ebooks, streaming media) and other open educational resources, Danny and Amanda quickly collected and shared the temporary measures that many publishers were taking to ensure access to learning materials. In addition, they also provided information to aid lab instructors in making this transition.

From Amanda Folk: I would like to thank Amanda Larson, Hanna Primeau, and Diana Ramey for being generous with their time and expertise by quickly shifting their focus and working with the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) to provide support to Keep Teaching program, which included phone and chat support for students and instructors. I would also like to thank Allison DeVito (ODEE) for supporting Amanda, Hanna, and Diana as they figured out how to use the technology and navigate resources to be successful in this work.

From Amanda FolkMichael Flierl only began overseeing Reference about a month before the University shifted into a telework- and online-only environment. He was still getting acclimated to this new role, including the technology, when he was tasked with shifting Reference to a completely virtual service. Despite that, he was able to quickly mobilize the student employees to make this shift and quickly figured out what needed to be done. Stephanie Founds only joined the organization 2 weeks before we made this shift. Despite that, Stephanie was instrumental in creating schedules and trainings to help the transition to a completely virtual service as smooth as possible.

From Jenny Robb: Kudos to Casey Cramer and Anna Leeper for their help with creating several Curator Talks videos with me. Thanks to Casey for her very patient help and support with filming the videos and for catching a mistake I had on one of my slides. And thanks to Anna for editing the video, adding closed captioning, publishing it to YouTube and posting it on social media. I am grateful for this collaboration, which made it possible for people to engage with our distinctive collections in the current environment!

From Jenny Robb: Kudos to Caitlin McGurk and Anne Drozd for organizing and executing two excellent virtual OSUL events! As soon as they learned that BICLM’s two outreach events for our current exhibits could not take place, they launched into action learning Zoom and working with the speakers to move the programs online. They did an amazing job as moderators and the events were “attended” by hundreds of people from all over the world!

From Amanda Folk: Teaching & Learning would like to thank Lila Andersen, Holly Davis, and Nicole Hernandez with their help and support in transitioning reference to a completely virtual service. Holly and Nicole proactively offered their support in helping to cover LibAnswers given their own experience with the platform in the Research Commons. They helped us to ensure quick and effective delivery of Reference services as Michael was figuring out some of the operational logistics. Lila was incredibly helpful in to us in figuring out the complex phone system, including getting us in touch with University colleagues that could help us to understand this system and identifying ways to proceed that would allow us to offer phone support in teleworking environment, especially in terms of voicemails and menu options when we were not able to have a person answering the phones.

From Jenny Robb: Kudos to Ann Marie Davis, Yasuhiro Aihara, and Kazuki Miyazaki for their excellent work in translating some complicated kanji from a Jiji Manga page and providing information about the artist and the newspaper, all of which I incorporated into my Curator Talk video. Your assistance on this outreach project was much appreciated and will help people engage virtually with our distinctive collections!

Kudos: McKenzie, OConnell, Haskett, Flierl, Beck, Bartos, Buckey, Cassidy, Cox, Henley, Julian, Kebe, Kim, Noonan, Parker, Reese, Schelby, Snapp, Wright

From Meris Longmeier:  Kudos to Randall McKenzie. The streamlined telework process is AMAZING! It was so quick to review and update the date for the telework agreements. A huge thank you for enriching the experience of that process for all library employees!

From Tony Maniaci: THANK YOU to Christine OConnell for walking me through the mail merge steps virtually. You patiently took me step by step through the process to send over 4,100 emails to patrons with books checked out. You made it easy for me to complete the process in a very timely manner.

From Beth Snapp: I would like to express appreciation to Eric Haskett who collected, organized, and reviewed evidence for the 2019 Information Security Self-Assessment (ISSA) IT controls on behalf of AD&S. This work requires a high level of attention-to-detail and deep knowledge of information security, and Eric is doing a really exceptional job in this critical role, as evidenced by the auditor’s recent positive feedback.

From Beth SnappMichael Flierl was the Table Guide for our group during the Strategic Doing exercise at Management Committee. I’ve attended a Strategic Doing training session in the past, and based on that experience, I can say that Michael did an exceptional job today guiding our group through the the various activities. I hope that he will have more opportunities in the future to apply his strong facilitation skills.

From Jennifer Vinopal and Jason Kohlhepp: We send a giant shout out and thank you to everyone in IT because of their great work on the 2019 Information Security Self-Assessment (ISSA) and related evidence collection. The ISSA is a very important annual measure of the Libraries contribution to the university’s cybersecurity program. The Ohio State Internal Audit team just audited our 2019 IT evidence and told us that “University Libraries did a great job (one of the best we have reviewed this year).” Members of the Libraries IT teams model excellence as well as a commitment to our shared values of connection and stewardship in performing the work for this project each year. Thank you to (in alphabetical order): Sue Beck, Christopher Bartos, Warren Buckey, Stephen Cassidy, Gary Cox, Eric Haskett, Michelle Henley, Travis Julian, Ousmane Kebe, Phoebe Kim, Dan Noonan, Ryan Parker, Terry Reese, Russell Schelby, Beth Snapp, and Gaymon Wright.

Kudos: Vanecko, Holbrook, Moziejko, Howe-Forney, Schelby, Colvin, Jaggars, Braun, Centeno, McCrory, Estevez, Chute, Couch, Frazier, Galron, Hurley, Johnson, Kattelman, Li, Lincove, Page, Patton-Glinski, Robb, Springs, Cassidy

From Karla Strieb: By coming to our facilities weekly and walking all of our buildings, checking on the state of our non-public spaces, Mike Vanecko and David Holbrook are helping us ensure the safety of our collections while we can’t keep an eye on them ourselves.

From Karla StriebMark Moziejko and Sandy Howe-Forney are coming to campus regularly to help us manage the mail and shipments that continue to arrive while we are out of our workspaces. Their work is important for us as we have invoices, collections materials, and needed supplies continuing to arrive.

From Beth SnappRussell Schelby quickly collected, analyzed, and reported on Google Analytics data for the website and Discover to detect patterns in usage during the COVID-19 crisis. This is one example of how Russell goes “above and beyond” in his daily contributions to the Libraries.

From Julie SynderNancy Colvin and Damon Jaggars have been doing a truly outstanding job with communications throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The communications have had a most remarkable balance of authenticity, directness, and warmth. They share just enough information, but not so much it is overwhelming. I am finding the communications to be both grounding and uplifting at the same time! I value the transparency, cadence, and messages of reason to be optimistic for the future. They are doing a truly amazing job and the organization is stronger, better, and more stable thanks to these excellent communications.

From Rachel Schreier: The development team would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the faculty/staff members (Jolie Braun, Miriam Centeno, Amy McCrory, Marcela Estevez, Tamar Chute, Nena Couch, Mara Frazier, Joseph Galron, Belinda Hurley, Eric Johnson, Beth Kattelman, Guoqing Li, David Lincove, Jessica Page, Lisa Patton-Glinski, Jenny Robb, and Gene Springs) who have taken time to help us in stewarding our endowment donors. This project will show our donors the impact that their philanthropy has had for University Libraries and our students, faculty/staff, and the public!

From Michelle HenleyStephen Cassidy was asked to take on an urgent project as part of the university transition to Workday. The Business Office had asked for a special coding project and that was slotted to begin at a later date and another developer was assigned to the project. When the Business Office discovered that the timeline needed to be moved up quite suddenly, Stephen was asked to take on the project with no advanced preparation. While normally Applications Development and Support has a project manager gather all of the business requirements and carefully map out the process of work to be done, Stephen was willing to forgo that and immerse himself into the unexpected project. He worked quickly and carefully to submit a process for the Business Office and Workday team to review by the stated deadline. He was open to communicating with stakeholders and responded to additional requests. I am very appreciative of the expertise Stephen demonstrated and the effort he put in to make this a successful project.

Spot Bonus: Tressa Graves

Submitted by Randall McKenzie:

Tressa Graves has received a spot bonus for her efforts in completing the assessment of University Libraries’ audiovisual (AV) holdings. 

Tressa’s work on completing the 26-month survey and subsequent report—along with a concurrent AV digitization pilot—far exceeded what was anticipated for the assessment project. The report, beyond merely accounting for the assessment work done to date, delivers a comprehensive, detailed and highly professional survey of University Libraries’ AV collections, sharing the collected data through multiple lenses. Tressa’s observations were expertly aligned with current national standards and trends in the AV archiving field, with well-documented references to the important work of other major institutions. The priorities she chose to emphasize in the report track closely with University Libraries Strategic Values, particularly in the areas of discovery, integrity and stewardship.

Throughout her assessment of 18,389 audiovisual items in 32 distinct formats and the AV digitization pilot, Tressa steadily developed a successful workflow that is entirely new to the organization, created strong lines of communication with colleagues in multiple departments, shepherded several projects from beginning to end, advocated for the digitization of
materials highlighting underrepresented voices, enhanced numerous finding aids with her technical knowledge of AV formats and identified at-risk collections, assuring improved storage for them.

Within two weeks, the interim assessment report Tressa submitted to the Knowledge Bank generated 169 downloads, with viewers from the United States, Germany, France, Canada and Portugal. Her work adds University Libraries to the group of major institutions building a body of professional literature on AV assessment in libraries and archives.

We congratulate Tressa on this important accomplishment!

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