Submitted by Randall McKenzie:

As a reminder, it is essential for supervisors to regularly review active telework agreements with direct reports who remain teleworking.  Telework agreements for summer term should be submitted to human resources by May 15, 2021.

Telework agreements may be written through August 20, 2021, but documentation should include language indicating the agreement is subject to change pending further direction from University Libraries and the university regarding the transition back to the workplace. 

Please use the email template below to formalize the telework agreement documentation. Supervisors should email the template to the employee and instruct the employee to reply to the email to confirm acceptance.  Employees should copy Randall,, on the reply.*


FROM: Supervisor
TO: Employee
SUBJECT: Telework Agreement Renewal


Thank you for reviewing your telework agreement with me.  Please respond below to acknowledge the status of your telework agreement.  Telework agreements can be reviewed at any time are subject to change based on the availability of work and pending further direction from Libraries and the university regarding the transition back to the workplace.

___ Your telework agreement on file remains accurate and has been extended through DATE

___ Your telework agreement has been updated and will be in place through DATE.  A copy of the updated agreement is attached.

Acknowledgment instructions:

  • Supervisor: Place an “X” on the appropriate line and email to the employee.
  • Employee: Reply to email to confirm acceptance. Please copy on the reply.


*If an employee does not have a telework agreement on file, please complete this form.