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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is about learning and creating the confidence to show up in the world the way we want to be seen. This allows us to build strong relationships and have positive and meaningful interactions with others. There are four main components to emotional intelligence as described by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves: becoming self-aware, self-managing emotions, becoming socially aware and working on relationships.

Learn more about emotional intelligence and tips on boosting it.

Choosing Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Can Provide Extra Nutrients

The transition between seasons also brings some transitions in our lives. With the nicer weather and longer daylight starting to appear, we may start to change our physical activity choices and the way we cook our food. Winter foods tend to be heavy to keep us warm, and summer foods tend to be light to keep us cool. Our bodies have a thermic response to the weather. As it starts to get warmer outside, we also tend to eat less, choosing lighter or cooler foods. For example, the barbecue is rarely used in winter and the slow cooker is rarely used in the summer. The seasons can definitely affect our cooking methods and food choices.

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Spring Mindset Reset

April 14, 21, 28 and May 5 at noon
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Spring is usually time for renewal. And what better time for restoration than after winter when we might be most in need of energy – both physically and mentally? Taking some time to assess day-to-day routines and mindsets can help us decide what is working and what is not. Join Coach Alison during this series to let go of old mindsets and make room for new ones that will support positive changes in your life.