Submitted by Holly Davis:

The Women’s Place is pleased to host the Ohio State Advocates & Allies for Equity Initiative (A&A), which involves men in the crucial work of promoting gender equity. The Women’s Place is looking to expand this program and invites you to join as a new advocate or to forward this invitation to someone you would recommend as one of the program’s core leaders for creating positive culture change at the university.

The Advocates & Allies initiative uses two designations to refer to participants:

Allies: Men and male-identified colleagues (faculty, staff and postdocs) who attend ally workshops as participants and commit to promoting gender equity

Advocates: Men and male-identified colleagues (faculty, staff and postdocs) who facilitate the workshops for participants (allies), build ally networks, and advocate for inclusive practices in their areas of influence across the university

To date, more than 450 men have committed to being allies for building a more equitable environment at Ohio State. Advocates can help to continue growing these partnerships.

Through a workshop model designed by The Women’s Place, Advocates introduce male colleagues to evidence-based skills and strategies that work to remove barriers for women and other underrepresented faculty, staff and students. For Spring 2021, all ally sessions are delivered virtually. Advocates lead requested ally sessions and encourage continual learning through periodic meetings with other Advocates. The Women’s Place asks that Advocates commit to volunteering with the program for a minimum of one year; longer-term participation is always welcome.

You can become an Advocate by attending a two-part orientation hosted by The Women’s Place on the following dates:

Friday, February 26, 1 – 4 p.m.

Friday, March 5, 1 – 4 p.m.

New Advocates should complete both parts of the training. Please register here for these sessions by Wednesday, February 24. If you are interested in becoming an Advocate but have a scheduling conflict, please contact the Advocates & Allies GAA, Mariana Miguelez Gomez ( to express your interest.

In addition, you may request an ally facilitation for your unit or department.

For more information, please visit The Women’s Place or contact us.