Submitted by Halle Mares:

We are still looking to gather more responses for our user testing. As part of an ongoing collaboration between IT and Special Collections, we are interested in improving our services; in particular, understanding how users are finding or not finding materials in the archival collections. We’re requesting help to complete this study! 

What the study requires: We are asking volunteers to complete a few basic tasks and to document the process by using Zoom, the audio/video conferencing tool. We anticipate the entire process taking 10-15 minutes. 

Who can participate: You (University Libraries faculty or staff) or your student employees. 

How to participate: Please download and open this document and follow the instructions on how to set up a recorded Zoom screen sharing session. The activity directions are listed below the instructions. When you are finished, please send the video file to Susan Liberator (liberator.3) or Halle Mares (mares.12)

Deadline: All submissions should be sent by September 10, 2020.

Tips for participation: 

Remember to talk through your process. We won’t know what you’re thinking unless you tell us!
The system is being tested, not you. It’s okay to have difficulty completing the task. This will help us improve the flaws. 

Questions? Contact us via our form at