Submitted by Craig Gibson:  University Libraries and the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry are in the second year of a partnership to recognize outstanding undergraduate research projects through the Undergraduate Research Library Fellowship. This year, the Libraries’ Teaching and Learning Committee, with the Libraries Executive Committee’s approval, selected seven students through a competitive process to receive fellowships for mentored research with a library faculty mentor in summer 2017.  

Fellowship awardees, their research topics, and faculty mentors this year are:

Student: Emily Boes
Mentors:  Jennifer Schnabel/Jolie Braun
Research topic: a study of Jessica Mitford materials in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library (RBMS) to understand the author’s impact on American life and culture.

Student: Zachary Botkins                 
Mentor:   Jolie Braun
Research topic:  a study of the Beat literature collection held by RBMS, with an exhibit and outreach developed to promote greater campus awareness of the collection.

Student: Danielle Demmerle             
Mentor:   Eric Johnson (with Harry Campbell)
Research topic: a condition survey of incunabula and manuscript codices in RBMS’s collection.

Student: Brittni Dixon                      
Mentor:  Hanna Primeau
Research topic:  changing depictions of Merlin (of Arthurian legend) in literature and popular culture.
Student: Amber Dock                       
Mentor:  Eric Johnson
Research topic:  a study of RBMS’s photographic archives of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) in Siberia, 1917-1920, and construction of an interactive digital map based on analysis of the photographs.

Student:  John Hooton                      
Mentor:   Eric Johnson
Research topic:  a study of the Brett Shingledecker collection of LGBT materials held by RBMS, with an exhibit, public programming, and social media presence based on the study.

Student: Erin Riddiford                                
Mentor:   Eric Johnson
Research topic:  a study of illuminated manuscripts in the RBMS collection using codicological techniques.