From Vice Provost and Director of Libraries Carol Diedrichs: 

An important decision has been made recently which impacts a unit of University Libraries.  First, some context.

The Logan Elm Press (LEP), together with the Libraries’ Center for the Book Arts, was founded in 1978. LEP focused on preserving and advancing the age-old technology of the book. The Press published unique, handmade limited edition books; the Center brought together editors, designers, scholars, writers, craftspeople and artists for hands-on, interdisciplinary teaching and learning experiences.

Since the retirement of former press operations head Bob Tauber in late 2014, University Libraries and the College of Arts and Sciences have been seeking potential paths for LEP that would allow the operation to carry on.  Although there had been interest expressed in continuing the press, a sustainable strategy is not feasible at this time.

As a result, after consultation with Executive Vice President and Provost Joseph Steinmetz and the College of Arts and Sciences, the Logan Elm Press and the Center for the Book Arts suspended operations on August 1, 2015.

This was a difficult decision, and one that was not made lightly. LEP has a rich history, and made an important contribution to the university and the broader community.  But the reality is that, even with the support of endowment funds, the resources for maintaining the operation are not available.