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(Image: Ohio Stadium in the snow, no date) The Stadium has witnessed its share of personal tragedies as well, altering the student body and the city at large. A number of Ohio State students have died or been critically injured in accidental falls from the Stadium, including a junior male in June 1946, and a senior male who fell from B deck in early January 1978 and died two weeks later. In April 1970, a Stadium Dorm resident on full scholarship died after a plunge from the Stadium's west side. Many more members of the extended community have committed or attempted suicide from the top of the stadium. In the 1965/66 school year, two people died in leaps from the Stadium: a senior female and a local man, carrying a tape-recorded suicide note. Two days after one patient at Upham Hall - University Hospitals' psychiatric facility - leapt from the Stadium in April 1976, a second one climbed a Stadium flagpole, but was talked down. A recent graduate, released from a local psychiatric hospital, fell to her death in January 1978. A local man absented himself from Central Ohio Psychiatric Hospital in late June 1983, and committed suicide from the Stadium a few days thereafter.