Old Man Olentangy

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(Image: Flood of Ohio Stadium, 1927) To build the Stadium, a bend in the Olentangy River bed was straightened, and natural drainage ditches and gullies were routed into trunk sewers. The land east of the river was graded and paved. The river has, from time to time, reclaimed what the stadium occupied. During spring break 1927, the Olentangy broke its banks, flooding the south towers and the track, but sparing the football field. In the Stadium's early years, minor floods were nearly an annual event. The Alumni Monthly remarked that "Old Man Olentangy ... feels the need of at least one workout a year on the graded playing fields and running tracks of the High Street Institution's great athletic plant." Like clockwork, the river flooded again in the spring of 1928, inundating the entire area south of the Stadium to King Avenue, eventually gracing the pages of the 1929 Makio.