This is a guide to materials in the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum collection that have been created by artists who are African American, Latin/x American, Asian American, and Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. Each guide is presented in two different organizational structures containing the same content, in order to facilitate varying researcher needs. The first section of each guide is organized by material type (biographical files, original art, archival collections, bound volumes, comic books, online resources, and more), and the second is organized alphabetically by creator.

This guide does not include international or foreign language materials in our collection.

If you do not find what you are looking for, or feel that we have left someone out, please contact us with any questions or comments at

The information in these guides is current as of February 1st, 2012; materials added to the collection after this date may not be reflected here.

Information in the Guide to Multicultural Resources has been compiled by Joe Miller.

Header background image is courtesy of Love and Rockets by Gilbert Hernandez 1996.