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Three Pines
Inspired by the delightful Quebec village “Three Pines” in Louise Penny’s Armand Gamache books, they symbolize to me kindness, sanctuary, and safety. Penny says that the legend of the Three Pines dates back in the 1700s, when they served as a signal to those loyal to the British crown. As the royalists fled across the border to safety during the War of Independence in the United States, they were warmly welcomed and protected by their neighbors to the north. As one who values each and every tree, and who loves nothing more than to settle in with a good Louise Penny mystery, especially on a cold winter’s night, the legend of the pines is a welcome bonus to understanding the characters of this charming place, where the residents truly care for and watch out for one another. (Watercolor on paper)

Jeanie Croope
Artist, Photographer, Blogger, Community Volunteer
WKAR Public Broadcasting, Retired
Friend of Voices in Humanism