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Morgan’s Forge
Watercolor on Paper

“A mile to the east on the wooded path, you will find a charming pub, a classic country churchyard and WWI grave, well-tended regardless of the season. Down the hill to the south, past steep vistas of grazing sheep, relax at yet another warm and welcoming pub. And, when day is done, come home to a cozy cottage in Milford, outside Bath, England, where a cozy fire and a good book help bring a wonderful day to a close. A little bit of heaven on earth.”

Jeanie Croope
Artist, Photographer, Blogger, Community Volunteer
WKAR Public Broadcasting Retreat
Friend of Voices in Humanism

Historic Harrisville, New Hampshire

Voices in Humanism

Historic Harrisville, New Hampshire
“This town is an amazing gem and right next door to Nelson, where we live. Indeed, at one point, it was part of Nelson! Separated out after the Civil War, to become a separate commercial entity, centered around the mill.” This image is from the Storehouse in Historic Harrisville, where Dr. Dierker has a little studio.

Here is the link to the website where you can enjoy L.A. Dierker Explores the Sounds of Harrisville:

Louise Dierker, MD, MPH, MM, MFA
OSU College of Medicine Class of 1967
Following a career in medicine as a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Dr. Dierker pursued her love of music; earning degrees in music composition.

OR Mishap Cartoon

Voices in Humanism

OR Mishap Cartoon

This one really happened! As a student witnessing this, I remember wondering if the surgeon intentionally tied his surgical scrubs too loosely…because he sure seemed to enjoy wiggling his hips when the nurse pulled his pants back up. 😉😊

Debbi Silverman, M.D., Certified Wellcoach(R), C.W.C., C.G.P., retired
Wellness Coaching/HeartMath/Functional Medicine consultations Public Speaker/MediaTrainer
Cincinnati, OH


Voices in Humanism

A winter reminder
Annual gift of life and hope
From an absent friend

Eileen Mehl Boelsckevy
Director of Student Engagement, Retired
2015 Distinguished Staff Award, The Ohio State University

Island Reflections

Voices in Humanism

IsIand Reflections

Curious rays of sun
peering over the horizon
scatter light through twilight’s perfection
dancing through lavender atmosphere
settle on whimsical waters
sparkling with enigmatic iridescence
mirroring a peaceful mountain
crimson, yet quiet
contemplating laughter of colorful fruits
rich with honeyed nectar
through plush and emerald fauna
swelling and sighing with ease
breathe life to an eclectic assortment
from padding wildlife to icy gale
the rosy island
nutures freedom for reflections.

Catherine A. Fabian
OSU College of Medicine
Class of 2022
Poet and Painter

Bringing Diversity

Voices in Humanism

Bringing diversity in thought and expression to medicine

Jodie Makara (pronouns: ze/zir/zirs)
OSU College of Medicine, Class of 2023
Ze strives to bring more knowledge and awareness of LGBTQ+ identities and gender inclusive language to the medical field.

Professional School Orchestra in Concert

Always Remember

Voices in Humanism

Jody Glasser Sobol
Medical Student Mom
Voices in Humanism Advisor


Voices in Humanism


Papa though I am grown
And you are gone
I have the same questions
Of a child so I ask you
The stale ends of bread
The longer waits at the border
The refusal of aid

Mama though I should know
By now I can’t conceptualize
Our sisters and brothers
Left out in the cold for so long
Until finally someone
Of a different color
Suffers and suddenly the world

Why were we deaf and blind before
And now surrounded
By compassion
But only for some?

• the response of a pale-skinned Jewess to the outpouring of support for the country of Ukraine drowning out the reports of racism and mistreatment of non-White Ukrainian refugees

Jessica Rutsky, MD
Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellow
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Voices in Humanism Board

Hocking Hills

Voices in Humanism

Hocking Hills
Our family loves to explore the national and state parks and so it is especially joyful to find beauty in our own back yard. Hocking Hills State Park offers so much to those who love the out-of-doors like we do.

This is the perfect time of year to plan your summer adventure.

Holly Cronau, MD, FAAFP
OSU College of Medicine Class of 1965
Associate Professor of Clinical Family Medicine

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