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Books from the Czech Republic

Recently arrived in the Hilandar Research Library stacks are three books, courtesy of  Václav Čermák (Department of Medieval Slavonic and Byzantine Studies, Institute for Slavonic Studies, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague). We greatly appreciate the addition of these volumes to our collection.

The Cyril and Methodius Mission and Europe: 1150 Years Since the Arrival of the Thessaloniki Brothers in Great Moravia, edited by Pavel Kouřil et al. (Brno, 2014). The work was funded by the Ministry of Culture NAKI project “Great Moravia and 1150 years of Christianity in Central Europe.”

The volume includes an introduction by Vladimir Vavřínek, with articles by Josef Žemlička, Herwig Wolfram, Ian Wood, David Kalhous, Zdeněk Měřínský, Lumír Poláček, Luděk Galuška, Christian Lübke, Jiří Macháček, Pavel Kouřil, Blanka Kavánová, Alexander T. Ruttkay, Milan Hanuliak, Karol Pieta, Ivana Boháčová, Nad’a Profantová, Krzysztof Jaworski, Jacek Poleski, Sergei Ivanov, Libor Jan, Maddalena Betti, Ivan Biliarsky, Ján Steinhübel, Petr Charvát, Khristo Trendafilov, Marija Yovcheva, Continue reading

Guest Blog: Commemorating SS. Cyril and Methodius

Guest Blogger: Nina Haviernikova, Graduate Associate, RCMSS / HRL

Recent acquisitions to the stacks of the Hilandar Research Library include two works devoted to Saints Cyril and Methodius, the Apostles to the Slavs.

Title page of the book

Title page

The first, formerly held by the Litchfield Public Library in Litchfield, Minnesota, and offered to academic libraries courtesy of Gordon B. Anderson* is Památka roku slavnostního 1863 tisícileté památky obrácení národu českého na Moravě, Slovensku a v Čechách na křesťanství / Commemoration of the Millennial year 1863 Anniversary of the Christianization of the Czech People in Moravia, Slovakia and in the Czech Republic by J. Janata, Václav Šubert, and Heřman z Tardy, published in 1864 in Prague. The book commemorates the one thousandth anniversary of SS. Cyril and Methodius’ mission to Great Moravia. Written by priests, the book contains poems, a history of the conversion of the Western Slavs to Christianity which began in 863, a section devoted to the lives of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, as well as notes on the history of Protestantism in Bohemia, and a description of the most important events of the Evangelical Church in Bohemia in the year 1863. The publication is interesting from theological, historical as well as linguistic and literary perspectives.

Photo of the brown leather spine of the book and the front cover - a blue and black paisley pattern - on a red background

1864 spine and front cover


Cover of the book: on a white background there is an image of a wooden cross that take sup 3/4s of the cover, and underneath it is the title of the book in Czech and in English

Gift of Václav Čermák

The second publication, a gift of Václav Čermák from the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, is the bilingual Czech-English Cyril a Metoděj – doba, život, dílo / Cyril and Methodius – Their Era, Lives, and Work, published by Moravské zemské muzeum in Brno in 2013. Besides addressing the importance of the Cyrillo-Methodian mission and its immediate legacy, this work also focuses on reflections of the Cyrillo-Methodian traditions in Czech literature, theater, music, and society. The publication specifically examines Cyrillo-Methodian themes in modern Czech literature and in Czech folk culture. It offers insight into the long-lasting influence of the “Enlighteners of the Slavs” on the culture and society of Czechs and Moravians.

*Gordon Anderson is both the Librarian for European Studies at the University of Minnesota and the Bibliographer for Scandinavian Studies for the University of Chicago Library.