This year’s Byzantine Studies Conference will be held at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, November 6-9, 2014.

Final version of the Abstracts of Papers

See the Draft of the conference program below:


Thursday, November 6, 2014


Registration, Reception, and Welcome
Founders Hall – Segal Building, 500 Granville Street
6:30-8:30 First Board Meeting

Friday, November 7, 2014

8:30 AM Welcome
Segal Building, 500 Granville Street
Dimitris Krallis, Simon Fraser University

9:00-11:30 Session 1
1A Session in honor of Erica Cruikshank Dodd: The visual culture of Byzantium in a Mediterranean context

Chair: Lesley Jessop, University of Victoria, B.C

  • “Visual Theology in Early Byzantine and Islamic Art”
    Rico Franses, American University of Beirut
  • “Three Women and their Icons in the Context of the Crusades”
    Annemarie Weyl Carr, Southern Methodist University
  • “Two 13th Century Icons from the Monastery of St. Catherine: Byzantine or Crusader”
    Jaroslav Folda, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • “The Silks of Palermo in Philagathos’ Ekphrasis and the Byzantine Textile Industry of the Twelfth Century”
    Evanthia Baboula, University of Victoria

Respondent: Anthony Cutler, Pennsylvania State University

1B The Self in Byzantine Poetry

Chair: Derek Krueger

  • “Autobiography or Autography: Seeking the True Self in Gregory of Nazianzus’ Poemata de seipso”
    Suzanne Abrams Rebillard, Ithaca, NY
  • “Ephrem’s Economic ‘I’ and the Problem of Early Byzantine Authorship” Jeffrey Wickes, Saint Louis University
  • “Blindness and Self-Recognition in Nonnos of Panopolis’ Metaphrasis of John 9”
    Scott F. Johnson, Georgetown University and Dumbarton Oaks
  • “Social and Personal Self in Tzetzes’ Chiliades”
    Aglae Pizzone, University of Geneva
  • “Depictions of the Self in the Poems of Manuel Philes”
    Marina Bazzani, University of Oxford

11:30-11:45 AM-Coffee Break

11:45AM-1:15PM-Session 2
2A The Emperor and the Church, Part One


  • “Theodosius II and the First Council of Ephesus”
    George Bevan, Queen’s University
  • “When the Emperor Changed his Mind”
    Patrick Gray, York University
  • “Victory Over the Enemy of the Church: The Empire, the Church and the Council of Nicaea”
    Edward Mason, University of Kentucky
2B Byzantine Monumental Art


  • “The Economy of Salvation at the Red Monastery Church, Upper Egypt”
    Elizabeth Bolman, Temple University
  • “Painting and Ideology in 14th-Century Mistras: The Iconographic Program of the Gallery in the Virgin Hodegetria”
    Nektarios Zarras, The University of the Aegean
  • “The Protevangelium of James and the wall mosaics in the (Justinianic?) Eufrasiana”
    Thomas E Schweigert, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

1:15-2:15 P.M.- Lunch

2:15-3:45 P.M.-Session 3
3A Erōs and Logos: Sexual Desire in Byzantine Literature

Chair: Margaret Mullett, Dumbarton Oaks

  • “What Love Is This?: Divine Fantasy in Symeon the New Theologian’s Erotes”
    Derek Krueger, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • “Inventive Logos, Coercive Erōs: The Poetics of Passion in Eustathios Makrembolites’ Hysmine and Hysminias”
    Christina Christoforatou, Baruch College, CUNY
  • “Furtive Eros, Thieving Aphrodite: Transgressive Desire in the Cycle of Agathias”
    Steven D. Smith, Hofstra University
3B Two Columns and a Stylite

Chair: Eunice Dauterman Maguire, Johns Hopkins University

  • “The Narrative Reconfiguration of an Imperial Monument: How the Bronze Horseman Became Heraclius”
    Elena N. Boeck, DePaul University
  • “Pillars of the Community: Stylites as Architecture”
    Shannon Steiner, Bryn Mawr College

3:45-4:00 P.M.- Coffee Break

4:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M- Session 4
4A Byzantine Women

Chair: Alice-Mary Talbot, Dumbarton Oaks

  • “Early Byzantine Sarcophagi and the Iconography of Educated Susanna”
    Catherine C. Taylor, Brigham Young University
  • “East and West Marry: Considering Translatio as Women’s Work in Bridging Mediterranean Empire”
    Megan Moore, University of Missouri
  • “From the Imperial Palace to the Province: The Early Formation of Byzantine Marriage Ritual”
    Gabriel Radle, Yale Institute of Sacred Music and Dumbarton Oaks
  • “Motherhood in Late Byzantium: Blessing, purification and penitential rites pertaining to childbirth and child loss”
    Nina Glibetic, Yale University
4B Objects in Context: Material Spatiality and Byzantine Textiles
Sponsored by The Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture

Co-chairs: Jennifer Ball, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY; Gudrun Buehl, Dumbarton Oaks; and Elizabeth Williams, Dumbarton Oaks

  • “‘Numerous Escort’: Liturgical Objects in Concert during the Late Byzantine Great Entrance”
    Tera Lee Hedrick, Northwestern University
  • “Shaping Experience: Curtains and Veils in Middle and Late Byzantium”
    Maria G. Parani, University of Cyprus, Nicosia
  • “Furnishing the Household Memory Theater in Late Antiquity”
    Thelma K. Thomas, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
  • “Woven Architecture and the Early Byzantine Sense of Human Space”
    Eunice Dauterman Maguire, Johns Hopkins University

6:10-7:30 Reception (co-sponsored by the International Center of Medieval Art and the Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture)

7:30-9:00 Keynote Speech
Segal Building, 500 Granville Street

Saturday, November 8, 2014

9:00AM-11:00 AM Session 5
5A Byzantines and Latins

Chair: Teresa Shawcross, Princeton University

  • “Greek Scripts and Latin Elites: (Re)Presenting Byzantine Lordship in Pre-Norman Southern Italy”
    Norman Underwood, University of California-Berkeley
  • “Symbiosis: The Survival of Greek Christianity in the Norman Kingdom of Sicily”
    Frank McGough, The Ohio State University
  • “Socio-Economic Continuity and Political Unity in Frankish Achaea, 1204-1259”
    Kevin Bloomfield, The Ohio State University
  • “Fleeing the Image Breakers: Ecclesiastical Refugees in Italy”
    Joseph Western, Saint Louis University
5B Byzantine Art

Chair: Anthony Cutler, Pennsylvania State University

  • “Divinely-Mandated Regime Change: Elijah and “Macedonian” Dynastic Ideology in the Paris Gregory”
    Christopher Timm, Florida State University
  • “They Who First Are Granted the Divine Enlightenment: Angels, Translucency, and Light in Byzantine Art”
    Magdalene Bethge Breidenthal, Yale University
  • “Epigrams and the Presentation of Relics in the Middle Byzantine Period”
    Brad Hostetler, Florida State University
  • “A Reinterpretation of Silk in the Middle Byzantine Period”
    Julia Galliker, University of Birmingam, UK

11:00-11:15 A.M.-Coffee Break

11:15 A.M.- 1:15- Session 6
6A Byzantine Texts and Textuality

Chair: Stephen Reinert, Rutgers University

  • “Praise of a Teacher or Periautology?: Theodore II Laskaris’ Self-Representation in the Encomium of George Akropolites”
    Aleksandar Jovanović, Simon Fraser University
  • “Teaching Methods and Educational Practice in the Eleventh Century” Sergei Mariev, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich
  • “Byzantinophilia in the Letters of Grigor Magistros Pahwaluni?”
    Anna Linden Weller, Rutgers University
  • “Rethinking the biography of Anna Komnene”
    Leonora Neville, University of Wisconsin Madison
6B The Eloquence of Art: Session Dedicated to Henry Maguire

Chair: Rossitza B. Schroeder, Graduate Theological Union

  • “King David Narratives in the Dura-Europos Synagogue”
    Kära L. Schenk, Austin, TX
  • “New Evidence for Middle-Byzantine Court Dress: The Clasp from Tahancha”
    Warren T. Woodfin, Queens College, CUNY
  • “The Kanon for “He who is at the Point of Death” and its Iconography in Leimonos MS 295”
    Vasileios Marinis, Yale University
  • “A Byzantine Cameo and the Rhetoric of Paradise”
    James A. Magruder, III, Johns Hopkins University

1:15-3:15 P.M. Business Lunch

3:15-4:45 Session 7
7A Audience and Intent: Patrons and Innovation in Church Fresco Iconography

Chair: Erica Cruikshank Dodd

  • “Jaroslav I’s Political Ideology in the Northern Chapels of Saint Sophia, Kiev”
    Sarah C. Simmons, Florida State University
  • “And their eyes were opened: the perceptions of Christ’s Miracle Cycle in the early Palaiologan period”
    Maria Alessia Rossi, Courtauld Institute of Art, London
  • “Antiquarianism in Late Byzantine Mystras”
    Andrea Mattiello, University of Birmingham, UK
7B The Emperor and the Church, Part Two


  • “What Was the Council in Trullo?”
    David Olster, University of Kentucky
  • “Bishop and Imperial Court, 350-430 CE: Tracing Patterns of Social Interaction across Multiple Letter Collections”
    Adam M. Schor, University of South Carolina
  • “Emperor and Church Politics, 484-518: The Eastern Reception of Papal Primacy Claims”
    Dana Iuliana Viezure, Seton Hall University

4:45-5:00 P.M. – Coffee Break

5:00-7:00 P.M.-Session 8
8A. Cultural Exchange in the Frankish Levant (Sponsored by the International Center for Medieval Art –ICMA)

Chair: Cecily Hilsdale, McGill University

  • “Spaces of Encounter and Plurality: Architectural Transformation at the Sanctuary of St. George in Lydda”
    Heather A. Badamo, University of Chicago
  • “The Authority of Place and the Church of the Nativity”
    Lisa Mahoney, DePaul University
  • “Jerusalem as ‘Middle Ground’: Eastern Christian Art and Identity in the Crusader Period”
    Glenn Peers, University of Texas at Austin
  • “‘Lest some discord arise’:The Resafa Heraldry Cup at the Siege of Acre” Richard A. Leson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
8B Byzantine Theology and Worship

Chair: Geoffrey Greatrex, University of Ottawa

  • “Ps.-Dionysius the Areopagite’s Festival Rhetoric: Theoria at the Dormition”
    Byron MacDougall, Brown University
  • “Repentant Demons in Medieval Syrian Orthodox Thought”
    Elizabeth Anderson, Yale University
  • “Bishops Behaving Badly: The Life and Times of Theophilus of Alexandria”
    Young Richard Kim, Calvin College
  • “Polemics and Emperors in Theodoret’s Ecclesiastical History”
    Joseph J Reidy, Saint Louis University
  • “Pulcheria Redivivus: The Cult of the Virgin and the Nestorian Controversy”
    Stephen J. Shoemaker, University of Oregon

7:30-10:00 Reception at The Bill Reid Gallery 8:30 Second Board Meeting

Sunday, November 9, 2014

9:00 A.M-12:00 P.M. Session 9
9A Byzantine Monks and Saints

Chair: Alexander Angelov, College of William and Mary

  • “Monks, Monasteries and Holy Mountains: the Monastic Topography of Byzantine Thrace (10th-14th centuries)”
    George Makris, University of Birmingham
  • “Picnics, Processions, and Panegyreis in The Miracles of Thekla”
    Linda Honey, Millarville, Alberta CA
  • “Nature and Conflict in Byzantine Lakonia”
    Alexander Olson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • “Theodoros Balsamon’s Monks: Byzantine Monasticism in the Commentaries on the Canons”
    Hannah Ewing, Rollins College
9B Byzantine Archaeology and Numismatics

Chair: Kostis Kourelis, Franklin & Marshall College

  • “Constantinople’s Gate to the Mediterranean World: An Archaeological Study of the Harbor of Theodosius in Yenikapı”
    Ayşe Ercan, Columbia University
  • “Transition or Decline? Hierapytna and Crete in the Seventh Century A.D.”
    Scott Gallimore, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • “The Imperial Image Imprinted: Circulation, Materiality, and Translation in Kievan Coinage, c. 988-1240”
    Alexandra Kelebay, McGill University
  • “A Matter of Degree: A Re-Assessment of the Evidence for Urban Continuity Despite Disruption in Seventh-Century Byzantium”
    Daniel J. E. Kelly, St. John’s University
9C Byzance après Byzance: Byzantine Hues in the Cultural and Historical Canvas of the Modern Balkans

Chairs: Dimitris Krallis, Simon Fraser University, and Thomas Kuehn, Simon Fraser University

  • “Resurrecting the (Byzantine?) Law: State Formation and Legal Debates in Nineteenth Century Greece”
    Evdoxios Doxiadis, Simon Fraser University
  • “Between Culture and Politics: Identity, the Balkan Enlightenment, and the Greek War of Independence”
    Alex Tipei, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • “Resisting the West, Excluding the Byzantine: The Heritage of Turkey’s Heritage Institutions”
    Daniel David Shoup, Oakland, California