Images details, counterclockwise, from upper right corner: 1. Original envelope containing the fold-out  print;  2. The foldout print in its entirety; 3. Print detail of the game goal (“agari, “上り), flanked by descriptions of Hideki Yukawa and Alfred Nobel;  4. Print detail of “No more Hiroshimas!” located above the goal.

As of today our exhibit, “Creative Responses to the Cold War,” has come to an end.  It was bittersweet when I worked this morning with colleagues in the Thompson First Floor Gallery to empty all of the exhibit cases. 

One of my favorite exhibit pieces, which will soon makes its way back to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, is called Genshi Sugoroku (原子双六, which translates roughly as “Atomic Game Board”), a colorful manga that celebrated the physicist Yukawa Hideki (湯川秀樹: 1907-1981), Japan’s first recipient of the Nobel Prize in physics. 

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