Check these 10 things before publishing your post:

1. Review OSUL’s Web Standards
The Web Governance Committee has established standards for Libraries websites. Make sure to adhere to the standards as appropriate.

2. Learn Web Writing and Accessibility Best Practices
A good place to start is the OSUL’s Writing for the Web workshop documentation  (handout). and also have lots of resources.

3. Write the Post
It may seem obvious, but be sure that you’ve actually finished composing, lest your readers stumble upon an incomplete post. An RSS feed notification will be sent out mere moments after publishing. Be sure that you’re ready before your post goes out to the world!

4. Finalize Your Post Title
Ensure that your title is descriptive, engaging, and concise. Try to keep your title within a range of sixty to seventy characters, but don’t worry if you exceed that.

5. Select Category and Add Tags
When it comes to categories and tags, know that less is more. Your categories should be a general, while your tags should be specific. A post should typically be in no more than one or two categories, and tagging should be limited only to the most relevant topics covered in the post.

6. Check Your Links
Make sure your links work and are descriptive, i.e. “my example post about libraries” instead of “for my example post about libraries, click here.”

7. Include Images (with Attribution)
Imagery makes content more engaging. Consider adding a Featured Image that appears above the post.

8. Add Alternative Text
Check that every image has alternative text.

9. Decide Whether to Allow Comments
If you allow comments, be prepared to spend some time moderating.

10. Preview and then Publish
Preview your changes and if everything looks good, click publish!