Submitted by Jennifer Vinopal and Beth Snapp:

The department of Applications Development & Support in the IT Division has been renamed to Application Development & Operations (AD&O). As in the IT industry as a whole, AD&O is evolving its services, technologies and practices to better support our partners and patrons and to align with the organization’s mission and strategic directions. The name change reflects our priority to not only build products (Development) but to sustain them long into the future (Operations). In practical terms, responsibilities for scaling our digital library infrastructure, leveraging cloud platforms and ensuring application security are merged into the functions of one team of developers and systems administrators.

Members of AD&O include:

  • Chris Bartos
  • Sue Beck
  • Stephen Cassidy
  • Eric Haskett
  • Travis Julian
  • Ousmane Kebe
  • Phoebe Kim
  • Russell Schelby
  • Beth Snapp, head of the department

The team’s goals for 2020-2021 include:

  • focusing development efforts on our portfolio of unique and specialized applications, including Digital Collections and Discover
  • building a flexible cloud infrastructure to host this portfolio
  • strengthening our risk management programs for information security, digital accessibility and disaster recovery.