Strategic PlanProject/ServiceTask
9.1AdministrativeConsulted with OCIO/HR on recruiting of developers
9.1AdministrativeDrafted position descriptions for two new developers
AdministrativeMet regularly with Meris Mandernach to exchange information regarding Research Services projects
AdministrativeMet regularly with Robyn Ness regarding shared projects such as LibGuides
AdministrativeMet with Jessica Phillips of ODEE to learn more about Universal Design and Accessibility
7.3AdministrativePrepared and submitted Step Three documents
4.5ArchivesSpaceDeveloped Accession Identifier Generator plugin
4.5ArchivesSpaceDeveloped plugin to permanently suppress records
4.5ArchivesSpaceDeveloped plugin to prevent accession records from being published
4.5ArchivesSpaceDeveloped plugin to restrict viewing of accession records
4.5ArchivesSpaceEngaged in customer relationship re-building with ArchivesSpace stakeholders
4.5ArchivesSpaceFixed ability to edit resources that were marked as "duplicate"
4.5ArchivesSpaceFixed component piece on public side
4.5ArchivesSpaceFixed user?s login issue
4.5ArchivesSpaceGave an update on ArchivesSpace at the Special Collections Forum in January
4.5ArchivesSpaceInstalled maintenance plugins in three environments multiple times
4.5ArchivesSpaceInstalled Tomcat 7 on dev for performance increase
4.5ArchivesSpaceObserved student workers
4.5ArchivesSpaceParticipated in extensive testing of latest upgrade (v1.2.0)
4.5ArchivesSpacePrepared test plan
4.5ArchivesSpaceRegularly met with Cate to review outstanding issues
4.5ArchivesSpaceResearched component reordering problem
4.5ArchivesSpaceResearched proxy issues
4.5ArchivesSpaceReviewed TRI data dump for import process
7.5BlogsConfigured Google Analytics for some of OSUL active blogs
6.3BlogsExplored and tested various gallery plugins for Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum and selected NextGen Gallery based on investigation results
6.3BlogsInstalled NextGen gallery plugin on the staging instance and tested setting up galleries and albums
9.2BlogsUpgraded Wordpress
9.3Branding/CommunicationsDrafted mockups of Libraries home page tweaks and shared results with Beth S. and Robyn N.
9.3Branding/CommunicationsMet regularly with Larry Allen to coordinate web communications projects
9.3Branding/CommunicationsUpdated branding of Credo
9.4Business AnalysisFacilitated an initial meeting to identify basic requirements for audio/video asset management
9.3Campus OutreachAttended KMData meetings
9.3Campus OutreachMet regularly with Vedu Hariths and Steve Fischer to stay informed of campus IT initiatives
1.1Carmen Library LinkCollaborated with ODEE on API to retrieve course information
1.1Carmen Library LinkCreated series of Balsamiq mockups for new application based on user stories
1.1Carmen Library LinkDeveloped the new application
1.1Carmen Library LinkDocumented and confirmed Carmen Library Link user stories
1.1Carmen Library LinkMet with stakeholders to discuss LibGuides A-Z list options
1.1Carmen Library LinkProvided demo to stakeholders
1.1Carmen Library LinkWalked through CLL mockups to the team and made adjustments based on feedback
CMSCompleted a considerable amount of analysis and massaging of CMS pages report in preparation for WGC review
CMSConsulted with Dan and Tamar on a procedure for pruning CMS revision history on an annual basis
CMSGenerated a report of page owners
CMSSet up CMS page review wiki for Web Governance Committee
CMSTrained several staff in CMS use
CMSUpdated CMS API calls to Carmen Library Link which were preventing subject pages from loading
CMSWorked with Faculty Recognition Team to identify issues with CMS form and recommended a new blog
ConnexionConnexion troubleshooting - Nimisha Bhat's student had a corrupted local save file
6.1DALNPerformed minor code updates as requested
4.5Digital InitiativesAttended SDIWG meetings
2.2Digital InitiativesMet with Jenny Robb and Erin Fletcher to learn more about BICLM's requirements for digital exhibits
4.5Digital InitiativesProvided feedback on web archiving task force paper
2.2Digital InitiativesReviewed and provided feedback on draft Digital Exhibits white paper
9.2Document RegistryAdjusted transaction flow with documents requiring login
9.2Document RegistryOptimized searching and filtering
9.2Document RegistryReduced Editor access to document management page
4.3Google BooksParticipated in quarterly call with Google to make sure we are on track with sending materials to them and troubleshoot any resulting issues
4.3Google BooksSent the"Will Not Send" list to Google of materials too fragile to send for scanning
4.3Google BooksSubmitted metadata & manifest
4.3HathiTrustSent new metadata to Zephir for Government Document records that were updated/corrected by Cataloging
4.3HathiTrustSubmitted HathiTrust metadata to Zephir
9.5Hub/JiraProvided Jira training to Lila Andersen
9.5Hub/JiraWorked with Communications to refine their workflows in JIRA
9.5Hub/JiraWorked with Infrastructure & Circulation on a partnership for a PRINT project in JIRA
ILMSAdded new staff account to WorldShare Knowledge Base
ILMSAttended Load Profile Users Working Group meeting
ILMSAttended OCLC Best of Show Virtual Conference Midwinter 2015
ILMSAttended OhioLINK Lead Implementors Meeting
ILMSAuthorized new Sierra users
ILMSCommunicated about the Sierra server replacement to stakeholders and users via multiple channels
ILMSCommunicated information about OhioLINK excessive downloads to network specialist
ILMSCompared other libraries' usage of the WebPAC note field
ILMSCompleted Newark ECC records ingest project proposal
ILMSCompleted the configuration of branded library notices (except recall notices)
ILMSContinued to work with Innovative to fix the problem with incorrect indexing of the Note field in the library catalog
9.2ILMSCoordinated testing of Sierra after server maintenance
ILMSFixed 'off campus' check catalog issue
ILMSInvestigated Circ stats rollover
ILMSInvestigated OhioLINK passing limiters issue: Typically if you limit your search in our catalog by language or year, and then click "Search OhioLINK" the same limits should apply, but they don't
ILMSManaged the passwords for OSUL Sierra shared accounts
ILMSMet with Morag to discuss options of the best method for loading items by barcode into review file
ILMSPerformed FAES item location cleanup - When FAES reopened, the items that were being kept in the repository and returned to FAES had to have their locations updated. Other titles did not return to FAES and had to have a different location applied
ILMSPrepared for Innovative Users Group Annual Conference presentation
9.2ILMSPrepared planning documentation for replacing Sierra server
9.2ILMSRequested an Innovative maintenance quote for Business Office for review
ILMSResearched MTC patron authentication to OhioLINK databases with Travis and Anita
ILMSReviewed bib index rules
9.2ILMSSent all prospective Sierra enhancements to library staff for voting
ILMSSent Mat Types to OhioLINK at their request to help OhioLINK match central catalog's material types with member libraries
ILMSSet up automatic hourly notices based on Circulation department's request
ILMSSet up new record templates and updated load profiles to separate overlapping processes
ILMSUnbusied group of order records for Law
ILMSUpdated pickup locations, including Distance User
ILMS PrintingCorrected problem of receipt printer at HSL not printing all of the correct fields
ILMS PrintingResolved receipt printer issues at Music circulation desk
ILMS PrintingSpent time troubleshooting Law Library printing
ILMS ReportingCreated a Bibliographic History report for Rocki Strader and Magda El-Sherbini
ILMS ReportingInvestigated STEM contact list generation from Sierra database for Belinda Hurley
7.5ILMS ReportingIPEDS Survey statistics for Q - submitted print and electronic books statistics to Quanetta at her request
9.2ILMS ReportingPlanned next steps for Sierra Reporting project
7.5ILMS ReportingPrepared and disseminated reports for Circulation Supervisors
9.2ILMS ReportingPrepared and edited mockups of Sierra web client using Balsamiq for the Sierra Reporting project
ILMS TrainingCompleted the training of Circulation staff on scheduled monthly reports
7.5ILMS TrainingDocumented hourly circ stats for Lila
ILMS TrainingOffered a Create Lists Training session to Karen Ferris and Pasha Johnson
ILMS TrainingPrepared and compiled ERM Troubleshooting and training materials for Karen Ferris
ILMS TrainingPrepared documentation for barcode distribution, on search and claim returned report, in transit report and deleting expired patron records for delegation of these responsibilities
ILMS TrainingPrepared documentation for importing Bibliographic record numbers into a Sierra review file
ILMS TrainingReviewed Create Lists Guidelines at Collections Managers meeting
ILMS TrainingWrote blog post on Expanded vs Compact view in Sierra
4.5Image Management SystemApplied OSUL Branding
4.5Image Management SystemCustomized Login rules
4.5Image Management SystemDemonstrated import functionality several times to stakeholders
4.5Image Management SystemDeveloped soft delete functionality
4.5Image Management SystemInstalled Image Server
4.5Image Management SystemMade sure Fits (gets the technical metadata out of images (size, type, etc)) works with Fedora-4/Sufia 6.0.0rc4
4.5Image Management SystemMoved Group Management to Fedora 4
4.5Image Management SystemMoved Roles Piece to Fedora 4
4.5Image Management SystemUpdated Hydra::Admin::Collections gem
4.5Image Management SystemUpgraded to Fedora 4
4.5Image Management SystemUpgraded to Sufia 6.0.0.rc4
4.5Image Management SystemWorked on new features for IMS Import
4.5Image Management SystemWorked on permissions and inheritance
9.2InfrastructureParticipated in planning for the data center move
9.2InfrastructureTested systems after the SOCC move
9.3Interlibrary LoanMet with Brian Miller to plan updates to the ILLiad interface
9.3Interlibrary LoanPrepared interface mockups for ILLiad
9.1KB/DSpaceAttended Dspace training
KB/DSpaceCompleted a Sub-Community Parent change
KB/DSpaceCompleted an update to Input Forms
4.3KB/DSpaceCompleted Batch Uploads and Slideshow/carousel updates
4.3KB/DSpaceCompleted Top Downloads and updates to lep_gallery theme
KB/DSpaceFixed broken Checksum checker with Travis after SOCC move
4.3KB/DSpaceFixed Recent Submissions RSS Feed issues
9.3KB/DSpacePushed new KB branding to production
9.3KB/DSpaceReviewed DSpace Security Advisory
9.3KB/DSpaceUpdated branding on staging for Maureen's review and approval
KB/DSpaceWorked with DCS to detail scope for a practice upgrade of DSpace to 5.x
1.1Learning ResourcesInstalled Moodle for testing
1.1Learning ResourcesMet with Karen Diaz to discuss the vision for co-curricular tutorial delivery
1.1Learning ResourcesMet with Tom Evans from ODEE to learn about ODEE's vision for open learning management systems
Libraries Groups/ServiceAttended CPPTC meeting
Libraries Groups/ServiceAttended Staff Advisory Council meetings
Libraries Groups/ServiceAttended the Circulation Supervisors Forum and shared IT changes and upcoming projects with the group
Libraries Groups/ServiceAttended the III Load Profilers Working Group and provided feedback regarding the work that was completed during the previous calendar year
Libraries Groups/ServiceAttended the Spring session of Cataloging and Discovery Systems Forum
Libraries Groups/ServiceAttended the Training Committee's meetings
Libraries Groups/ServiceAttended Training Committee's Strengths Quest session facilitated by Beth Black
Libraries Groups/ServiceAttended Web Governance Committee meetings
Libraries Groups/ServiceCoordinated featured employee articles on behalf of Staff Advisory Council
Libraries Groups/ServiceOrganized DSMWG meetings
Libraries Groups/ServiceOrganized Web Governance Committee meetings
library.osu.eduMet with Erin Fletcher and Dan Noonan to discuss improvements to the web pages for the Exhibits program
library.osu.eduMet with Locations & Hours customers to discuss potential desired enhancements for display on
library.osu.eduPosted a blog article on the evolution of the Libraries' website
6.2Open Journal SystemInstalled OJS 3.0
OtherAttended training with the university's new preferred travel agency
9.3Patron LoadsUploaded 107,223 patron records into Sierra patron database
9.3Patron LoadsUploaded 116,960 patron records into Sierra patron database
9.3Patron LoadsUploaded 46,959 records into Sierra patron database
7.3Professional DevelopmentAttended Agile Testing Training Course
7.3Professional DevelopmentAttended Key Elements of a Project Plan: Coalition to Advance Learning in Archives, Libraries and Museums (webinar)
7.3Professional DevelopmentAttended MAPS seminar: Adept at Adapting
7.3Professional DevelopmentAttended MAPS training course: Rules Of Employment: Staying on the Right Side of the Law
7.3Professional DevelopmentAttended MAPS training course: Stock Your Toolbox: Pre-Supervisory Skills and Practices
7.3Professional DevelopmentAttended MAPS: Key Fundamentals of Management
9.1Professional DevelopmentAttended Ohio InfoSec Summit
9.1Professional DevelopmentAttended OSU Developers meetup
9.1Professional DevelopmentAttended several LITA webinars
7.3Professional DevelopmentAttended the Digital Storytelling Program course
Professional DevelopmentPrepared a proposal for a presentation at Agile 2015 on agile portfolio planning; was not approved
9.1Professional DevelopmentToured Cardinal Health's Agile/Breakout space at Fuse with COHAA
9.5Project ManagementPrepared and facilitated IT Project Prioritization meeting for 2015Q2
3.2Research CommonsEnabled/disabled plugins upon request for Research Commons website and met with Josh to check in on website needs
Room Reservation SystemFixed issue with calendar page and 'Find a Room' rooms not displaying
Room Reservation SystemMet with stakeholders to identify and prioritize improvements to the system
1.1?Subject GuidesAttended ELF meeting on LibGuides rollout
9.1Team/ProcessesInterviewed candidates for the Systems Developer/Engineer position
1.1?Subject GuidesMet with Robyn to explain the different options available for searching WorldCat Local and the widget that she is creating for LibGuides
WCL/WCDParticipated in the beta testing of WorldCat Discovery
WCL/WCDUpdate OpenURL resolvers