The Information Technology department has scheduled an upgrade of several library servers starting at 5:00 pm on Sunday,  December 17, and continuing through end of day on Tuesday,  December 19. This outage has been planned to take place after finals (December 14) and graduation (December 17) so as to cause minimal interruption of service.

Update: To prepare for the outage, beginning on Saturday, December 16 at 5 pm,  all files on the H, J and K drives will be locked so they can be copied over to the new servers.  While locked, the files will not be accessible, and will remain locked until the maintenance period is complete.

During that time all services that run on those servers will be unavailable. This includes:

  • Network drives (e.g., H, J & K drives)
  • OSUL websites
  • OSUL blogs
  • Off-campus Sign In
  • Knowledge Bank
  • Research Commons website
  • Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum website
  • Digital Collections website
  • Room Reservations website
  • Past Perfect
  • Archivists Toolkit


Services not affected (i.e., still available) during this downtime:

During this downtime, users connecting to our website will see a maintenance message with links to available resources.

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket via Hub.