Calling All Academic Bloggers!

Attention faculty, staff, and students – if you blog, or regularly read academic blogs, or want a way to find blogs in your area, make sure to check out this post by Lee Skallerup on College Ready Writing (Inside Higher Ed). Dr. Skallerup has kicked off The Academic Blog Project by issuing a call for academic bloggers to contribute feeds to a mega-directory. The directory currently takes the form of a Google spreadsheet, but it is also being developed into a PressForward site, which will allow for more curation and highlighting of interesting content. It can also be forked to develop separate directories for individual disciplines. Fill out the form to add your blog or one that you read, and keep an eye on the project as it develops.

(There’s also a brief credit to yours truly for identifying an appropriate discipline/subject structure for the project. It’s always good to have a librarian on board!)