Oh here we go again.  Another person wants a conference paper.  Is it online?  Nope.  I’ll search the catalog to see if we have it.  Nope.  How about OhioLINK?  Nope.  Let’s try seeing if anyone else in the world might have it!  Yes, someone does!  Oh wait, there’s only one copy of the proceedings…and it’s in Brazil.  Well, maaaaaybe Interlibrary Services can get it.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?  This is one of the reference transactions I always dreaded.  Conference papers can be so good…and so hard to find.  Outside computer science, where we’re lucky enough to have papers from most of their major conferences via a few of our full-text databases, I usually fail in many conference paper quests.

To illustrate the importance some disciplines place on conference papers, Web of Knowledge has somewhat recently added citation indexes for conferences.  Obviously, these are seeing enough demand and use that data is being tracked.  Some disciplines use them very heavily.  Computer science has A LOT of conferences and the proceedings are pretty popular.

This is why one of my most common shticks when bringing up the Knowledge Bank (KB) is to mention conference papers.  I’m sure many OSU researchers have run into the same problem with getting these conference papers.  Some researchers may have even had someone in Brazil contact them for a copy of their paper.  Why not put it in the KB?  The same goes for researchers all across the globe – why not make those conference papers easier to access!  Find out more about the Libraries’ conference archiving and publishing services.