Ever go to an event and end up creating work for yourself – and others?  Well, just that happened to me just over a year ago.

I was invited to view the student posters for CETI (CERCS for Enterprise Transformation and Innovation) student projects.  These were some very interesting projects – one of which I even referred to a colleague in preservation.  Eventually, a thought popped into my head – “Knowledge Bank!”

Undergrads have been contributing items like honors theses to the KB for some time, and I thought these items would be great to put in there as well.  The posters show major research projects these students worked on.  They also highlight Ohio State’s work with industry (companies and government agencies) from around the world.  The students should be proud of this work and  may want to point to it for years to come.

I touched base with the KB folks – especially Maureen Walsh – about these projects.  She indicated interest in trying to get these in the KB as well.

We asked to meet with the person running CETI and one of the organizers of the event to which I was invited.  I came along as I’m one of the librarians covering engineering subject areas (and especially computer science, where most CETI students hail from).  Maureen (who I labeled as the “KB guru”) was essential as I was sure many of the questions would be very specific to KB technical and procedural issues.

There was interest, but there was also a bit of a snag.  The next year’s big event would be rolled into the Engineering  Capstone Design Showcase, an event of a much larger scale.  We met with the organizer of this larger event and there was enthusiasm for having these projects in the KB.

One issue that sets these apart from many of the other collections in the KB is that the business partner connection led to the need to make sure that sharing these was okay with the businesses in question.  This required some special permission needed in certain situations.    Good thing we have Sanda Enimil and the Copyright Resources Center.  Maureen touched base with her on this issue.

The Engineering Capstone Design Showcase Projects community is up in the KB and, given that it’s been only a week since the Showcase and that submission to the KB is voluntary, I’m pleased to see that there are two projects already live in the community.

I hope to see this area grow.  I think these undergrads are doing some neat projects and hope more will make use of the KB to share this more widely – and hopefully with potential employers or graduate programs.