We’ve been busy here at the Libraries’ Publishing Program! In addition to rolling out our new conference publishing service, we have been devising a more robust strategy for journal publishing that divides publications into three ‘categories,’ depending on their needs. Read on or visit our newly revamped website for more information.

The Libraries have been offering journal publishing services to members of the OSU community for several years, through the Knowledge Bank and on our Open Journal Systems platform. The journals we support are a diverse bunch, but all of them are born-digital and open access – meaning they are freely available online to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.


Our new journal publishing categories are meant to help us support the needs of different types of journals, while allocating our fairly lean program resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. The categories are loosely tied to particular platforms, but we expect the technologies to change over time. The categories, however, should remain relevant, even as we add more tools to our publishing toolbox. For more information and examples of publications in each category, visit the website.

Journal publishing partnerships

This is our most intensive category, both in terms of the services we provide, and the expectations of our partner publications. The journals in this category must regularly publish original, peer-reviewed scholarship, and must have a stable editorial presence. The content must also be open access immediately upon publication. In return, we will provide site design and development, layout editing, and technical support for editors, authors, and readers.

Publishing workflow support

This is the category for journals that are informal, educational, or experimental in nature. They may not want to commit to a regular publication schedule, or may decide to use our tools to manage the editorial process while delivering the content through a different website. To support these journals, we will create a journal site using one of our standard templates, provide technical support for editors, and provide other appropriate setup and training.

Journal archiving and distribution

This category is meant for journals that do not need support for editorial workflows, or a highly customizable website. We will archive and distribute the finalized journal content through the Knowledge Bank.


Our journal publishing services are free to members of the OSU community. Our program costs are included in the operating budget of the Libraries, which include in their mission supporting the teaching and research needs of the university, and providing access to scholarship created here. Because we want that access to be as broad as possible, we work with editors who want to provide open access to their publications.

Contact us

To learn more about journal publishing at the Libraries, contact Melanie Schlosser, Digital Publishing Librarian, at schlosser.40@osu.edu.