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On the resignation of the editorial board of the JLA

Chris Bourg: My short stint on the JLA Editorial Board

Over the weekend, the news came out the the entire editorial board of the Journal of Library Administration, published by Taylor and Francis, had resigned. The outgoing board didn’t make an official public statement, but blog posts and tweets by members made it clear that the mass resignation was due to their inability to come to terms with T&F over licensing and open access issues. The link above is to a post by Chris Bourg, the AUL for Public Services at Stanford University Libraries.¬†You can read more about what happened in a Chronicle blog post by Brian Matthews, who was editing a forthcoming special issue of the journal, and in a post by Jason Griffey, who was asked to contribute an article to the special issue and declined because of the same licensing issues.

This news seemed worth a mention on Digital Scholarship because the issues involved – authors’ rights, open access, the role of editorial boards (and editors and authors and reviewers) as change agents – are ones we deal with on a daily basis. Whatever the outcome of this particular incident, it is certainly another sign of how scholarly communication is changing.

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  1. Melanie Schlosser

    March 27, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    See also this statement on the JLA board’s resignation by Scott Walter, the editor of College & Research Libraries: JLA Lights the Way.

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