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Supporting Digital Scholarship through Library Services

Library Services are continually changing and evolving as the research needs at an institution also grow and require new or innovative support.  Research continues to morph into cross-disciplinary arenas as well as move more electronically.  As more and more data is available and can be processed in a shorter amount of time, new links can be discovered and mined at a deeper level than was possible in the past. The availability of quick access to information has shortened the peer review process and the move toward more open access and open data has also sped up the citation trail.  While some of these changes have allowed researchers to dive deeper into their own disciplines, it has also allowed them to blur the lines between areas and use information in new and exciting ways.  Libraries are excited and challenged to provide services for these ever evolving research projects both in terms of research support as well as preservation and access to this research in the future.

The libraries at OSU continue to grapple with how to best support digital scholarship programmatically through services offered by the library.  The Libraries are starting to discuss what steps would need to be in place to support a programmatic approach to supporting research services.  While this will not be a regular series of blog posts, there are certainly a number of areas that we will continue to explore. Some of these include: changes to citation models, changing methods of discovery impact the research cycle, alternate definitions of scholarship and how to measure scholarly output, and building a library program to support research when and where it occurs.

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  1. As someone working outside research libraries, in book publishing, but with an academic interest in Digital Humanities, I am very glad to have the benefit of open blogs like this. Thanks for sharing with independent scholars.

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