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Month: December 2012

New Series: Building a Publishing Program

The OSU Libraries has supported a digital publishing program since 2007, focused mainly on open access journal publishing. (Disability Studies Quarterly was our flagship publication, and the Society for Disability Studies has continued to be a valued partner.) When I took over the management of the program last January, however, it was with the understanding that expanding it had become a strategic priority for the Libraries. For the past year, the program team has engaged heavily in planning, investigating, formulating recommendations, and recruiting partners. In the process, we have learned quite a bit about library publishing and about the need for scholarly publishing support at OSU.

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Welcome to Digital Scholarship @ The Libraries

Welcome to the OSU Libraries’ new Digital Scholarship blog! This blog will be a group space for Libraries’ faculty and staff to share their work and ideas on digital scholarship with each other, the university, and the world.

What is digital scholarship?

For our purposes, digital scholarship is research and teaching that is made possible by digital technologies, or that takes advantage of them to ask and answer questions in new ways. This purposely vague definition includes work in every unit of the Libraries. The scope of the blog will evolve based on contributors’ interests and on the evolution of the work itself, but we expect it to include scholarly communications (including repositories and publishing), digital collections, research services, digital humanities, and more.

What to expect

We anticipate that the content on the blog will be as varied as the topics it covers, but it will include collection and project spotlights, thought pieces, and updates on services and work in progress. Both one-off posts and regular columns will be welcome, and we hope to post at least two to three times per month.

How to contribute

Any Libraries faculty or staff member involved in creating or supporting digital scholarship is welcome to propose a post or a regular column. We also invite guest posts from faculty and students outside the Libraries who are involved in a Libraries digital scholarship effort. For more information, or to contribute, please contact Melanie Schlosser. Readers are also encouraged to comment, and to contact the authors for more information about their projects and programs.

Thank you for joining us!