I’m pleased to announce the launch of the University Libraries’ Discovery to Access (D2A) initiative, an effort focused on the ongoing improvement of our users’ experiences as they move from discovery of licensed content to accessing it. The initiative’s central purpose is the removal of barriers that confront users while utilizing Libraries’ licensed content, regardless of where such barriers are encountered in the discovery to access process. This work strongly aligns with our strategic values and focus areas of “Seamless discovery, access, and delivery” and “Organizational efficiency and impact.”*

This initiative will exercise and leverage our developing practices of empowering leadership and contribution by stakeholders across the organization. Led by Anita Foster, Electronic Resources Officer, the initiative’s core group includes stakeholders from across the Libraries, with participation anticipated to evolve in line with project needs. Karla Strieb, Associate Director for Content and Access, and Jennifer Vinopal, Associate Director for Information Technology, serve as the initiative’s co-sponsors.

D2A will begin by taking a look at the current state of the authentication processes used to access licensed resources, with the goals of identifying opportunities to reduce complication and confusion and provide a more seamless connection to content wherever users discover it. To help facilitate this exploration, two members of the core team recently participated in a NISO Live Event where they learned more about the authentication options available to libraries and had opportunities to discuss the privacy and data use concerns surrounding various methods.

Additional areas of exploration for the initiative will involve investigating options for customizing licensed resources to better serve primary audiences, as well as expanding opportunities for the discovery and access of content wherever users find it – inside or outside of Libraries’ services and systems. The initiative will examine tools currently used for end-user discovery, such as the Find It service, and identify opportunities for improvement.

This is an exciting initiative, with the important objectives of eliminating barriers and enhancing the success of students, faculty, and other users of Libraries’ content and services.

Damon E. Jaggars
Vice Provost and Director of University Libraries

*See the University Libraries Strategic Directions website for more information our values, focus areas and current initiatives.