You will remember we launched a website redesign project in February. And since then, project lead Robyn Ness, along with project sponsors Jennifer Vinopal and Lisa Carter, Libraries IT, Communications, and many of you across the organization, has led us to a pivotal point in the project – the soft launch of the site!

This week, we will roll out an initial release of content, a first step in restructuring our web presence to better support users’ discovery, access and delivery needs. This first iteration will make the new About Us section available to the public on the new beta website at Subsequent releases will iteratively grow the new website with additional sections, including a newly designed home page, and make incremental improvements to content, design and functionality.

I encourage you to take time to review this initial release of the new website, as well as each subsequent release as we grow and improve our new web presence over the next several months. Please provide your feedback and participate in ongoing review and testing activities as they are announced.

As we continue to develop as a learning organization committed to user-centered design and incremental development and improvement, I am excited about where we are with the project and where we are headed. I am encouraged by what we have learned about iterative development and how the approaches and processes adopted for this and related projects can influence our work in other areas across the organization.

A special thanks to our colleagues leading this effort. And thanks to all of you who are updating and providing new content, participating in user testing, and providing valuable feedback. We will have a much improved, user-focused web presence because of your collective efforts.

Damon E. Jaggars
Vice Provost and Director of University Libraries