Prepared by Karla Strieb and her colleagues in CTSSC

What follows is the “Big Heads” report that was provided for the ALA Annual Conference in June in Las Vegas. Karla Strieb and our collections and technical services faculty and staff submitted our summary report to the heads of technical services and collections (fondly known as the “Big Heads”) of the largest ARL libraries. Each member provides such a report to be shared with their colleagues.   It is an impressive array of accomplishments and strengths.

ALA Annual Report

2014 ALCTS CMDS Chief Collection Development Officers of Large Research Libraries ALCTS Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries


The Libraries have not received confirmation of their FY15 budget. Requests have been made for additions to the base for inflation and to cover increased costs for OhioLINK resources. In FY14, the Libraries received a regular inflationary increase of $546,000 to the base materials budget in FY14 but also took a $300,000 reduction to its base for a new base of $12,271,128. In addition, supplemental funds continue to be provided from revenues from licensing university trademarks (e.g. for logo apparel and other items) as well as endowments and gifts. OhioLINK received an allocation of $12 million in capital funds from the State of Ohio for the FY15-FY16 biennium, an increase of $3 million over the previous biennial capital budget. The additional funds will support the purchase of digital content. Additional positive news for OSU Libraries: OhioLINK members recently agreed to halt further changes to the formula for member cost shares for the Electronic Journal Center; OSUL had been expecting a substantial cost increase for next year under the original plan.

Staffing and Organizational Structures:

Jan Maxwell started 2014 as OSUL’s new Collection Strategist. She will be representing OSU at the CCDOs of Large ARL Libraries Meeting.

The Libraries are bidding farewell to a key organizational leader: Wes Boomgaarden, Head of Preservation and Reformatting will be retiring at the end of June after 30 years with the Libraries. The search for a successor is underway and we hope to announce a new Head for the unit soon.

Special Collections Description and Access continues to implement a new structure encompassing both special collections cataloging and processing. Two term processing coordinators are being hired to help with special projects relating to our pending implementation of a third party storage contract for boxed special collections and the implementation of ArchiveSpace. Two new permanent staff cataloging positions are also under recruitment.

Digital Content Services has weathered the retirement of Tschera Connell. Melanie Schlosser and Maureen Walsh are currently interim co-leaders.

Due to pending retirements, searches for a librarian for English and linguistics and a librarian for Japanese studies will be launched later this year.

Third Party Storage Implementation

To accommodate ongoing collection growth in special and general collections, the OSU Libraries have been pursuing a contract for local, third-party storage. The planned storage will support low-use, containerized special collections materials in high-quality environmental conditions. Bid evaluation is under way following an RFP process. Initial ingest of OSUL special collections is anticipated to take place around calendar year end 2014. Materials currently held in a swing space on campus plus selected materials from the main library and our high density storage facility will go into the leased space. The contract is expected to extend for 5-10 years with the hoped-for conclusion of the construction of a 3rd module for the Libraries current high density storage facility.

Collections & Access

OSU Libraries, OCLC Research, the CIC and OhioLINK co-sponsored the symposium Regional Print Management: Right-Scaling Solutions in March. Keynotes focused on the OCLC Research report “Right-scaling Stewardship: A Multi-scale Perspective on Cooperative Print Management,” an analysis of OSU’s print monographic holdings against the combined print holdings of the CIC, and on campus attitudes toward the print to e-book transition. Panel sessions focused on several successful cooperative print monograph projects around the country and sparked a number of discussions about opportunities for CIC and OhioLINK partners.

OSU supplied 8,748 Elsevier gap list volumes to the CIC Shared Print Repository (SPR), completing our participation in this phase of the project. A total of 19,576 OSU volumes have been supplied to the SPR so far (~20% of the consortium’s shared print holdings for Elsevier). Deduplication against secured CIC collections has removed nearly 40,000 volumes from the collection so far.

OSU Libraries will be piloting a monograph-focused shared print repository project with five other OhioLINK libraries: Bowling Green State University, Kent State University, Miami University, Ohio University, and the University of Cincinnati. Planning for this project is just getting underway.

The Libraries acquired quite a number of new digital resources this spring, many selected through a formal new resource proposal process for collection managers. We also took advantage of volume discounts to strengthen digital newspaper holdings, shift from microform to digital versions of important historical collections, increase video content for music, dance and theatre, and add several databases with strong interdisciplinary appeal. Highlights include:

Alexander Street Press – Black Thought and Culture; Dance in Video II; Early Encounters in North America; Ethnographic Video Online; Opera in Video; Theatre in Video; Women & Social Movements International

Adam Matthew – The First World War (parts 1-3); Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, 1947-1980; London Low Life; Romanticism: Life, Literature and Landscape; Victorian Popular Culture

Gale – Associated Press Archives Online, parts I & III; Japan at War and Peace, 1930-1949; Nineteenth Century Collections Online parts 9-12, World Scholar: Latin America and the Caribbean


  • Digital National Security Archive (DNSA) – CIA Covert Operations: From Carter to Obama; Japan and the United States; Mexico-United States Counternarcotics Policy; Argentina 1975-1980; Chile and the United States; U.S. Intelligence and China
  • Historical Black Newspapers – Cleveland Call and Post; The Baltimore Afro-American; New York Amsterdam News; Pittsburgh Courier
  • Historical Newspapers – The Times of India; Wall Street Journal
  • History Vault – all currently available modules
  • Other: John Johnson Collection; German Literature Collection; Women’s Wear Daily Archive

Readex – Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports, 1941-1996

Coordinated DDA purchasing continues. At the close of FY14, 1,228 titles have been purchased in OSU’s e-book DDA program, with a total expenditure of $141,318 since the program began in fall 2012. The OhioLINK/YBP DDA pilot ended in March; it covered e-books published by Ashgate, Rowman & Littlefield, and Cambridge UP, and had an automatic purchase component (i.e. profiled purchasing) as well as a true DDA component. More than 700 e-books were purchased for the consortium, approximately 80% as an automatic purchase and 20% as a DDA triggered purchase. Analysis of the pilot is underway, and more details about both the pilot and OhioLINK’s evolving e-book strategy will be forthcoming from OhioLINK.

Japan’s National Diet Library (NDL) and the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) recently approved the OSU Libraries to provide online access to approximately 50,000 historical Japanese recordings digitized by the NDL. This collection of recordings, spanning 1900 to 1950, contains a wide variety of genres such as Japanese traditional music, folk music, rakugo, kabuki, classical music, opera, popular music, and speeches. Approximately 1,100 of the recordings are out of copyright and publicly available on the web, but access to the remaining recordings is only available at the NDL in Tokyo or at specific libraries that have been approved to provide in-library access. The NDL only recently began to consider applications from North American libraries to offer access to the recordings, and we believe OSU is the first approved site in the United States.

OSU has now largely completed a project to shift more than 8,000 volumes of Japanese Manga from non-circulating to circulating collections. Holdings are now being converted to make the collection available via ILL.

Technical Services

The Libraries has launched an ongoing Metadata Working Group that can coordinate metadata creation, standards, workflows, training, etc. Participants are drawn from our Collection Description and Access, Special Collections Description and Access, Digital Content Services (publishing and repository services), Reformatting, and Digital Initiatives units.

The Ohio State University Libraries is participating in the CIC Cooperative Cataloging Pilot. The Collection Description and Access Department received three titles with multiple volumes in the Tibetan language from the University of Chicago.

The Special Collections Description and Access Department is continuing to centralize a variety of activities for the Libraries special collections. Order support, receipt of new purchases, and accessioning of gifts are now provided by SCDAD, and absorption and harmonization of processing activities continues. An unprocessed collections survey is progressing with an expected completion later in 2014. Planning for ArchiveSpace implementation underway and planning for an image repository is beginning as well. Experimentation with new work processes for cataloging special collections continues. Weekly “rapid cat” days on which catalogers apply quick copy cataloging to appropriate materials and set aside complex items for later work is currently being tested.

The Libraries has managed a faculty recognition event for a decade now, hosting a campus-wide reception for faculty promoted or tenured the previous year. Each honoree can choose to bookplate a book in the Libraries’ collection. This year, the Libraries also partnered with the Faculty Club to feature selection of honorees choices through an exhibit located at the Faculty Club.

Preservation and Reformatting

Collaborative reformatting projects bringing OSUL special collections into broader visibility have been a recurring theme this spring, including: silent film-era musical scores, ca.1900 to 1922 (Local delivery in conjunction with International Music Score Library Project) and all manuscript leaves and fragments from OSU collections from1075-1600 for delivery through the ManuscriptLink cooperative with University of South Carolina and others. In addition, a joint project with the Columbus Museum of Art has produced a Catalogue Raisonne’ for artist, Sidney Chafetz.

OSUL has recently begun sending monographic materials from its special collections to Google for scanning as part of the Libraries’ contributions to the scanning partnership. Google scanned content from OSUL is also now being ingested into HathiTrust.

The Libraries is in the final stages of finalizing a contract to scan its print masters theses back to 1975 (2008 to present are born digital). The reformatted theses will be delivered via the OhioLINK ETD Center which houses born-digital theses and dissertations as well as reformatted dissertations and theses.

Repository/Publishing Programs

While publishing, content management, etc. continue, recently interest in and demand for workshops/instruction/programming about publishing practices is developing. Several pilot workshops for university audiences (external to the Libraries) have been developed over the past year and further offerings are being conceptualized in conjunction with the first phase of development of the OSUL Research Commons. A joint copyright/publishing “road show” is planned for fall 2014 in response to the growing demand for this kind of service.

The Libraries, in partnership with the Health Sciences Library, will be piloting an Open Access fund for OSU authors beginning Fall semester 2014. The fund will support article charges for authors publishing in gold Open Access journals. The goal of the project is to increase awareness of scholarly communications issues on campus and to further develop repository/publishing program partnerships.

Ingest of more than 26,000 pdfs of pre-ETD dissertations obtained from ProQuest is planned for summer 2014. The Libraries are evaluating bids in an RFP process to commission reformatting an additional 20,000 pre-ETD masters theses from original paper copies. (These theses were microfilmed and are stored locally but never deposited with ProQuest.)

For those who persist in reading to the end of this report, if you find yourself in Columbus sometime this summer, don’t miss the exhibit, “Exploring Calvin and Hobbes” at the spectacular new Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum!