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New iTunes U Course on Copyright

Copyright can be a difficult area of the law to navigate for instructors and can at times serve as a barrier for instructors who are reluctant to include content in their courses or teaching materials for fear of infringement.  To help provide guidance in this area, we have created Copyright in the Classroom, a self-paced iTunes U course that introduces basic copyright concepts all instructors should know. Topics include fundamental principles of U.S. copyright law, rights reserved for instructors as content creators, and permissible use of copyrighted content in different teaching contexts.

At the completion of the course, participants should be able to utilize the resources and information provided to:

  • Recall the requirements for copyright protection;
  • Recognize the exclusive rights provided to a copyright owner;
  • Identify the copyright owner of a work;
  • Assess which statutory exceptions may permit an intended use of a copyrighted work;
  • Locate public domain and openly licensed works and summarize the conditions for the use of such works;
  • Evaluate whether an intended use may constitute fair use and explain the ways in which a fair use argument could be strengthened; and
  • Outline the process for seeking permission to use a copyrighted work.

To view a course description and subscribe (you’ll need to download iTunes), visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/course/copyright-in-the-classroom/id1071533208.


By Maria Scheid, Rights Management Specialist at the Copyright Resources Center, The Ohio State University Libraries

Taking our show on the road with ODEE’s iTunes U Bootcamp in Cupertino, CA

Last week, I teamed up with the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) to provide copyright assistance to OSU faculty and staff participating in ODEE’s Digital First iTunes U Bootcamp, which took place at Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, CA. Over the course of four days, I had a blast learning the ins and outs of the iTunes U platform, researching the always-interesting copyright queries that seem to crop up especially in relation to distance education, and getting to know my fellow Buckeyes along with our gracious hosts from Apple.

Group photo of OSU faculty and staff at Apple Headquarters

Ohio State University faculty and staff (including yours truly) outside Apple corporate headquarters.
Photo via Kevin Kula (@KulaOSU)

Rest assured, you don’t need to travel to California for copyright assistance if you’re developing an online course. With holidays coming to an end and faraway bootcamps concluded, your roaming copyright mavens have returned to Thompson Library. Feel free to give us a call, drop by our office, or we’d be happy to pay you a visit. If you’re looking for copyright information of the self-serve variety, many of our resources are also available online.

Copyright resources for distance education



By Jessica Meindertsma, Rights Management Specialist at the Copyright Resources Center, The Ohio State University Libraries