While many copyright topics can seem complicated, tangled, or downright confusing, music copyright might take the cake. Fear not! The Copyright Resources Center is here to help.

We are continuing our four-part series on music and copyright in the month of March. We previously published two posts introducing the various copyrights involved in music copyright and the length of copyright protection for musical compositions and sound recordings. The final two installments will discuss termination of transfer and licensing opportunities for music copyrights.

Read all posts in our music copyright series:

Part 1. What is Music Copyright?

Part 2. Copyright Duration For Musical Compositions And Sound Recordings

Coming soon!

Part 3. Termination of Transfer for Music Copyright

Part 4. Licensing Opportunities for Music Copyright

PS – While we’re on the subject of music… Did you know that March is Music in Our Schools Month? This month-long celebration is intended to raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children.


By Jessica Meindertsma, Rights Management Specialist at The Ohio State University Libraries’ Copyright Resources Center