Three airplanes were transported to Antarctica. The first, a three-engine Ford, was to be used for the long flight over the South Pole. Byrd named this plane the Floyd Bennett, in honor of his pilot on the North Pole Flight. Bennett died of pneumonia in 1928, a year after he had sustained serious injuries in a test flight of the America. The second plane was a one-engine Fokker named the Virginia. This plane was to be used for rescue and exploration. The third airplane, the Stars and Stripes, was a one-engine Fairchild and had large windows to be used in aerial photography.

The planes had to be assembled once the expedition reached Antarctica. This image shows Byrd and his dog Igloo, unpacking crates, with the City of New York and the Bolling in the background, 1928. Richard E. Byrd Papers, 7773_18.

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