Chinese Newspapers Collection on ProQuest

Gain insight into Chinese political and social life during the turbulent 120 year period from 1832 to 1953 with 12 English-language Chinese historical newspapers. Included are critical perspectives on the ending of more than 2,000 years of imperial rule in China, the Taiping Rebellion, the Opium Wars with Great Britain, the Boxer Rebellion and the events leading up to the 1911 Xinhai Revolution, and the subsequent founding of the Republic of China. In addition to the article content, the full-image newspapers offer searchable access to advertisements, editorials, cartoons, and classified ads that illuminate history.

Each newspaper has its own critical stance on these turbulent moments of Chinese history. To analyze different groups’ and individuals’ interpretations of the events that transpired is a great aid in broadening historical perspectives.

This unique collection is cross-searchable with all ProQuest historical and current newspapers, as well as with other resources your library subscribes to on ProQuest.

Follow this link to access the collection of English-language Chinese newspapers: Chinese Newspapers Collection on ProQuest

Curriculum Focus:

  • Anthropology
  • Asian/Chinese/Japan Studies
  • Colonial Studies
  • Ethnic Studies
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

Titles included are:

  • North China Herald (1850-1941)
  • Canton Times (1919-1920)
  • China Critic (1939-1946)
  • The China Press (1925-1938)
  • China Weekly Review (1917-1953)
  • Chinese Recorder (1868-1940)
  • Chinese Repository (1832-1851)
  • Peking Daily News (1914-1917)
  • Peking Gazette (1915-1917)
  • Peking Leader (1918-1919
  • Shanghai Gazette (1919-1921)
  • Shanghai Times (1914-1921)

Front page of the inaugural edition

of the North China Herald (1850) 

From Our Shelves: Republican Era Resources

The Republican Era of China lasted from 1912 to 1949, and covered the brief period between the end of the Qing dynasty and the establishment of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China. It was a time characterized by rapid societal changes, internal political struggles, and outside foreign threats threats.

EAS’s Chinese collection has an extensive collection of Republican Era resources.

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Dr. Fred Ming-an Wu and Dr. Sandra Jones Wu Collection

Screenshot of the T'ai Chi Ch'uan Pilot for WOSU TV 1976

Screenshot – T’ai Chi Ch’uan Pilot (WOSU TV, 1976)

Dr. Fred Ming-an Wu (吳民安)(1916-2000), a graduate of the Ohio State University (OSU), was a biochemist, a researcher in horticulture, an active member of the Asian American community, and a master of martial arts. Many of the books and video recordings he collected were donated to the OSU Libraries in 2009 by his wife Sandra Jones Wu, MD. The entire collection can be found in the OSUL catalog by searching the Dr. Fred Ming-an Wu and Dr. Sandra Jones Wu collection. Continue reading

From Our Shelves: Shen Hong(洪深) and the Hong Shen Collection

Shen Hong (洪深) in 1946 at Shanghai , from「洪深文抄」

Shen Hong (洪深) 1946 at Shanghai, from「洪深文抄」

Shen Hong (洪深) was a Chinese playwright, director, and screenwriter. Hong, who is considered to be a key figure in the development of modern Chinese theatrical arts, was also an Ohio State University student. Hong graduated from Tsinghua School (present day Tsinghua University) and came to Ohio State to study ceramic engineering. During his time at OSU, he wrote two English language plays,  The Wedded  Husband (为之有室) and Rainbow. The Wedded Husband was then performed by Chinese students from Ohio State and neighboring Oberlin College. Hong further continued his education, studying drama at Harvard before returning to China. He wrote several books, screenplays, and even directed films, making significant contributions to modern entertainment, performance, and literary arts.

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From Our Shelves: 彝族毕摩经典译注 (Yi zu bi mo jing dian yi zhu)

The Yi people (彝族are one of the major ethnic minorities in mainland China. Data from the 2010 population census (中国 2010 年人口普查数据) conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China (中华人民共和国国家统计局) shows there were around 7.8 million Yi people residing in China, making it the 7th largest ethnic group in the country.

Yi zu bi mo jing dian yi zhu 彝族毕摩经典译  v.73-87

Yi zu bi mo jing dian yi zhu 彝族毕摩经典译 v.73-87

As one of the strategic goals for the Chinese Studies Collections, OSUL has been collecting research materials on the Yi people. We currently have about 282 books on the subject.

One of the featured titles in our collections is the multi-volume set of annotated translated Bimo (毕摩) scripture: 彝族毕摩经典译注(云南民族出版社, 2007). As indicated in the WorldCat catalog, currently only two other libraries in the US has this title.  This 106 volume set covers the religion, social history, politics, economy and many other aspects of the Yi culture.

The following two books in OSUL provide more information on the Bimo religion, as well as the social life and rites of the Yi people.

Other books on the social and cultural aspect of the Yi people:




Van Gulik Rare Chinese Books on Microfiche – Individual Book Titles Cataloged

OSUL’s Collection Description and Access Department’s Non-Roman Cataloging section recently completed a project cataloging all the individual book titles in the Van Gulik’s rare Chinese book collection on microfiche pt.1 and pt.2.1. To see all 249 individual titles, search keywords or series using “Van Gulik collection

大汉学家高罗佩传 Book Cover

大汉学家高罗佩传 Book Cover

Dr.  Robert van Gulik (高罗佩, Gao luo-pei) was born in The Netherlands in 1910. He was a diplomat, writer, and scholar.

According to microfiche catalog guide, Robert van Gulik managed to build a private Chinese collection during his long stay in Asia with the support of his diplomatic status.  His full collection archived at the Sinological Institute of the University of Leiden consists of 2500 book titles in nearly 10000 volumes, and covers fine arts, classical music, literature, and folk novels. Of these titles, 117 folk novels (pt. 1) and 132 books on literature, painting, calligraphy and history (pt. 2.1) can be viewed in the Mircoform Reading Room at Thompson Library.

OSUL record for the microfiche catalogue guide:

Robert van Gulik  earned his reputation among Chinese scholars due to his different approach to popularizing Chinese culture. Below are some OSUL resources on van Gulik’s works and his perspectives on Chinese culture:

Studies and books by van Gulik include:

One of van Gulik’s  works is a series of detective novels named “Judge Dee Mysteries”, of which he borrowed the main character: Judge Dee, from a 18th-century Chinese detective novel “Dee Goong An”(狄公案).

OSUL has much of this mystery fiction written by Robert Van Gulik. Here are a few titles:


New to the Collections lists on OSUL Chinese Studies Collections website

The Chinese Studies Collections at the Ohio State University Library are posting New to the Collections lists on our website. The lists are monthly updates of materials and resources added to our catalog. They include books, films, music records, and e-resources OSU library has acquired or received as gifts.

The titles are sorted by call numbers, and the hotlinks will take you to the item record in the OSU library catalog.  A new list is typically uploaded within the first week of each month, and most materials take a couple of weeks to be processed before reaching the shelves.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to suggest books or other resources for the library.

If you are interested in other East Asian topics, we also have New to the Collections list for the Korean Studies Collections, and New to the Collections list for the Japanese Studies Collections.


Free online journals cataloging project complete

The Non-Roman Cataloging Section has complete the cataloging of the following 75 online journals (mostly Taiwan based). Bibliographic records are created for each title with URLs to the online journal access.

NOTE Though the catalogers have tested (or searched for working) URLs before loading the record, due to the nature of the Web, we can not guarantee the accessibility of the URLs. Broken links may occur. Please kindly report any broken links (to chen.1140), so we can update the records.

Legends: N = new record created; Y = existingrecord on OSCAR overlaid (OCLC record also enhanced whenever necessary)

1.全國新書資訊月刊 N b68399352
2.National Central Library newsletter Y b11628923
3.中華民國圖書館學會會訊 (made a new bib on OCLC for online, then replace b68449069)
continuation of 中國圖書館學會會訊 Y b62020535
4.書香遠傳 N b68399893
5.教育資料與圖書館學 Y b3422466x b66954599
6.圖書館學與資訊科學 Y b34218245
7.國家圖書館館刊 Y b4596953x
8.國家圖書館館訊 N b68402107
9.圖書資訊學研究 Y b65650840
10.臺灣圖書館管理季刊 N b68402326
11.臺北畫刊 Y b34197199
12.中央大學人文學報 N b68402831
13.師大學報 Y b34127616
14.Taiwan Panorama N b68403070
15.Taiwan Yearbook Y b58227623
16.Taipei Yearbook N b68403264
17.東吳哲學學報 Y b44450874
18.逢甲人文社會學報 N b68405248
19.海洋人文教學與研究通訊 N b68405388
20.人類學視界 N b68405467
21.法鼓佛學學報 N b68404025
22.科學發展 Y b34227192
23.Botanical Studies Y b61899264
24.Taiwan Journal of Anthropology Y b60037283
25.Jurnal of Information Science and Engineering Y b5243364x
26.氣象學報 N b68405698
27.嘉南學報 N b68405728
28.農業統計年報 N b68405765
29.臺灣林業科學 N b68405844
30.臺北市工務統計年報 N b68406174
31.能源報導 N b68406216
32.台糖通訊 N b68406253
33.出版年鑑 Y b44576213
34.高雄市統計手冊 N b68406307
35.教育實踐與研究 N b68408055
36.東吳經濟商學學報 Y b34217411
37.中華民國公民營企業資金狀況調查結果報告 N b68408122
38.加工出口區月刊 N b68408183;
39.中華民國交通統計要覽 Y b34217514
40.中華民國金融統計月報 N b68408365
41.Government Finance Annual Report N b68487514
42.中央銀行年報 N b68408614
43.中華民國財政 Y b51341220
44.Guide to ROC Taxes N b6841058x
45.選舉研究 N b68410621
46.Taiwan aujourd’hui N (this record has been transferred to Kyongyong)
47.Taiwan heute (need assistance from expertise in German) N
48.Taiwan Hoy (need assistance from expertise in Spanish) N
49.Taiwan Review Y b56515686
50.(need assistance from expertise in Russian)
51.立法院公報 N b68410864
52.考試院公報 N b68432756
53.行政院公報 N b6843280x
54.展望與探索 Y b57191177
55.監察院公報 Y b42383675
56.中國大陸研究 Y b11671051
57.Issues & Studies Y b11482771
58.廉政工作年報 N b68433207
59.國立政治大學歷史學報 Y b34231092
60.Noticias (need assistance from expertise in Spanish) N
61.東亞研究 Y b61933119
62.Directory of Taiwan b11425532
63.DISCOVER TAIPEI N b68433396
64.高雄畫刊 b68433402 N
65.臺灣學研究 N b68433499
66.歐美研究 N b68433578
67.中外文學 Y b34195427
68.文訊雜誌 N (currently no valid link available)
69.編譯論叢 N b68441319
70.東海中文學報 b68441344 N
71.新聞學研究 Y b42441705
72.藝術學報 N b68441368
73.藝術論文集刊 N b68441381
74.觀光統計 N b68441484
75.台灣觀光統計年報 N b68441502


Note: Each title has a separate bibliographic record and is searchable on OSCAR.

Table of content

v.1 張子房赤松記
v.2 范睢綈袍記
v.3 張玉娘閨房三清鸚鵡墓貞文記(四卷)
v.4 麒麟閣(兩卷)
v.5 靈犀佩傳奇
v.6 節義鴛鴦塚嬌紅記(兩卷)
v.7 千鍾祿
v.8 太平錢
v.9 金花女大全
v.10 四美記
v.11 衣珠記
v.12 劍嘯閣自訂西樓夢傳奇(兩卷)
v.13 劍嘯閣鷫鸘裘記
v.14 金鎖記
v.15 金鈿盒傳奇(兩卷)
v.16 鳳求凰
v.17 五福記
v.18 驚鴻記
v.19 狄梁公返周望雲忠孝記
v.20 青虹嘯
v.21 金花記傳奇
v.22 青袍記
v.23 錦蒲團(兩卷)
v.24 倒浣紗 [***at stx]
v.25 情郵傳奇(兩卷)
v.26 舉鼎記
v.27 觀世音修行香山記
v.28 粧樓記
v.29 袁文正還魂記
v.30 武侯七勝記
v.31 綵樓記
v.32 二胥記(兩卷)
v.33 韓夫人題紅記
v.34 王昭君出塞和戎記
v.35 喜逢春
v.36 西湖記
v.37 八義雙盃記
v.38 小青娘風流院傳奇(兩卷)
v.39 修文記(兩卷)
v.40 蝴蝶夢(兩卷)
v.41 西園記(兩卷)
v.42 滑稽館新編三報恩傳奇(兩卷)
V.43 畫中人(兩卷)
V.44 環翠堂樂府重訂天書記
V.45 環翠堂樂府義烈記
V.46 環翠堂樂府投桃記
V.47 環翠堂樂府三祝記(兩卷)
V.48 環翠堂樂府彩舟記
V.49 花筵賺
V.50 望湖亭記
V.51 懷遠堂批點燕子箋(兩卷)
V.52 紅情言(兩卷)
V.53 紅梨花記
V.54 桃林賺傳奇
V.55 意中人
V.56 萬里圓
V.57 牛頭山
V.58 景園記傳奇
V.59 一笠菴新編一捧雪傳奇(兩卷)
V.60 一笠庵新編人獸關傳奇(兩卷)
V.61 一笠菴新編兩鬚眉傳奇(兩卷)
V.62 一笠菴新編眉山秀傳奇(兩卷)
V.63 一笠菴新編占花魁傳奇(兩卷)
V.64 一笠菴彙編清忠譜傳奇(兩卷)
v.65 一笠翁新編永團圓傳奇
v.66 高文舉珍珠記
v.67 竇禹鈞全徳記
v.68 羅衫記傳奇
v.69 觀音魚籃記
v.70 竊符記
v.71 孔夫子周遊列國大成麒麟記(兩卷)
v.72 荔鏡記戯文(兩卷)
v.73 三桂聯芳記
v.74 量江記
v.75 療妬羹記(兩卷)
v.76 靈犀錦(兩卷)
v.77 麒麟罽
v.78 靈寶刀
v.79 凌雲記
v.80 雙鳳齊鳴記
v.81 綠牡丹傳奇(兩卷)
v.82 明月環傳奇(兩卷)
v.83 秣陵春傳奇
v.84 牧羊記
v.85 弄珠樓
v.86 班超投筆記(兩卷)
v.87 厓山烈傳奇
v.88 遍地錦
v.89 夢花酣(兩卷)
v.90 玉茗堂批評異夢記(兩卷)
v.91 筆耒齋訂定二奇緣傳奇(兩卷)
v.92 泊菴芙蓉影(兩卷)
v.93 三社記(兩卷)
v.94 上林春(兩卷)
v.95 十錦塘
v.96 十錦塘.荷花蕩.
v.97 詩賦盟傳奇(兩卷)
v.98 識閒堂第一種飜西廂(兩卷)
v.99 雙紅記
v.100 千祥記
v.101 釵釧記
v.102 雙螭壁
v.103 元宵鬧傳奇
v.104 旗亭記
v.105 譚友夏批點想當然傳奇(兩卷)
v.106 唐韋狀元自製箜篌記
v.107 竹葉舟 [***缺?]
v.108 天馬媒(兩卷)
v.109 偷甲記(兩卷)
v.110 醉鄉記(兩卷)
v.111 新刻回春記
v.112 翠屏山
v.113 吐絨記
v.114 新刻宋璟鶼釵記
v.115 冬青記
v.116 劉秀雲臺記
v.117 東方朔偷桃記
v.118 櫻桃夢(兩卷)
v.119 鸚鵡洲
v.120 遥集堂新編馬郎俠牟尼合記(兩卷)
v.121 櫻桃記
v.122 鬱輪袍傳奇(兩卷)
v.123 詠懷堂新編勘蝴蝶雙金榜記(兩卷)
v.124 詠懷堂新編十錯認春燈謎記(兩卷)
v.125 魏監磨忠記
v.126 鴛鴦縧傳奇(兩卷)
v.127 鴛鴦棒(兩卷)
v.128 譚友夏鍾伯敬批評綰春園傳奇(兩卷)
v.1 Zhang Zifang chi song ji
v.2 Fan Sui ti pao ji
v.3 Zhang Yuniang gui fang san qing ying wu mu zhen wen ji(liang juan)
v.4 Qi lin ge (liang juan)
v.5 Ling xi pei chuan qi
v.6 Jie yi yuan yang zhong jiao hong ji(liang juan)
v.7 Qian zhong lu
v.8 Tai ping qian
v.9 Jin hua nü da quan
v.10 Si mei ji
v.11 Yi zhu ji
v.12 Jian xiao ge zi ding xi lou meng chuan qi(liang juan)
v.13 Jian xiao ge su shuang qiu ji
v.14 Jin suo ji
v.15 Jin dian he chuan qi(liang juan)
v.16 Feng qiu huang
v.17 Wu fu ji
v.18 Jing hong ji
v.19 Di Lianggong fan zhou wang yun zhong xiao ji
v.20 Qing hong xiao
v.21 Jin hua jichuan qi
v.22 Qing pao ji
v.23 Jin pu tuan(liang juan)
v.24 Dao huan sha [stx]
v.25 Qing you chuan qi(liang juan)
v.26 Ju ding ji
v.27 Guanshiyin xiu xing xiang shan ji
v.28 Zhuang lou ji
v.29 Yuan Wenzheng huan hun ji
v.30 Wu hou qi sheng ji
v.31 Cai lou ji
v.32 Er xu ji(liang juan)
v.33 Han fu ren ti hong ji
v.34 Wang Zhaojun chu sai he rong ji
v.35 Xi feng chun
v.36 Xi hu ji
v.37 Ba yi shuang bei ji
v.38 Xiao qing niang feng liu yuan chuan qi(liang juan)
v.39 Xiu wen ji(liang juan)
v.40 Hu die meng(liang juan)
v.41 Xi Yuan ji(liang juan)
v.42 Hua ji guan xin bian san bao en chuan qi(liang juan)
V.43 Hua zhong ren(liang juan)
V.44 Huan cui tang yue fu zhong ding tian shu ji
V.45 Huan cui tang yue fu yi lie ji
V.46 Huan cui tang yue fu tou tao ji
V.47 Huan cui tang yue fu san zhu ji(liang juan)
V.48 Huan cui tang yue fu cai zhou ji
V.49 Hua yan zhuan
V.50 Wang hu ting ji
V.51 Hui yuan tang pi dian yan zi jian(liang juan)
V.52 Hong qing yan(liang juan)
V.53 Hong li hua ji
V.54 Tao lin zhuan chuan qi
V.55 Yi zhong ren
V.56 Wan li yuan
V.57 Niu tou shan
V.58 Jing yuan ji chuan qi
V.59 Yi li an xin bian yi peng xue chuan qi(liang juan)
V.60 Yi li an xin bian ren shou guan chuan qi(liang juan)
V.61 Yi li an xin bian liang shü mei chuan qi(liang juan)
V.62 Yi li an xin bian mei shan xiu chuan qi(liang juan)
V.63 Yi li an xin bian zhan hua kui chuan qi(liang juan)
V.64 Yi li an hui bian qing zhong pu chuan qi(liang juan)
v.65 Yi li weng xin bian yong tuan yuan chuan qi
v.66 Gao Wenju zhen zhu ji
v.67 Dou Yujun quan de ji
v.68 Luo shan ji chuan qi
v.69 Guan yin yu lan ji
v.70 Qie fu ji
v.71 Kong fu zi zhou you lie guo da cheng qi lin ji(liang juan)
v.72 Li Jing ji xi wen(liang juan)
v.73 San gui lian fang ji
v.74 Liang jiang ji
v.75 Liao du geng ji(liang juan)
v.76 Ling xi jin(liang juan)
v.77 Qi lin ji
v.78 Ling bao dao
v.79 Ling yun ji
v.80 Shuang feng qi ming ji
v.81 Lü mu dan chuan qi(liang juan)
v.82 Ming yue huan chuan qi(liang juan)
v.83 Mo ling chun chuan qi
v.84 Mu yang ji
v.85 Nong zhu lou
v.86 Ban Chao tou bi ji(liang juan)
v.87 Yai shan lie chuan qi
v.88 Bian di jin
v.89 Meng hua han(liang juan)
v.90 Yu ming tang pi ping yi meng ji(liang juan)
v.91 Bi lei zhai ding ding er qi yuan chuan qi(liang juan)
v.92 Bo an fu rong ying(liang juan)
v.93 San she ji(liang juan)
v.94 Shang lin chun(liang juan)
v.95 Shi jin tang
v.96 Shi jin tang. He hua dang
v.97 Shi fu meng chuan qi(liang juan)
v.98 Shi xian tang di yi zhong fei xi xiang(liang juan)
v.99 Shuang hong ji
v.100 Qian xiang ji
v.101 Chai chuan ji
v.102 Shuang chi bi
v.103 Yuan xiao nao chuan qi
v.104 Qi ting ji
v.105 Tan Youxia pi dian xiang dang ran chuan qi(liang juan)
v.106 Tang Wei zhuang yuan zi zhi kong hou ji
v.107 Zhu ye zhou(缺)
v.108 Tian ma mei(liang juan)
v.109 Tou jia ji(liang juan)
v.110 Zui xiang ji(liang juan)
v.111 Xin ke hui chun ji
v.112 Cui ping shan
v.113 Tu rong ji
v.114 Xin ke Song Jing jian chai ji
v.115 Dong qing ji
v.116 Liu Xiu yun tai ji
v.117 Dong Fangshuo tou tao ji
v.118 Ying tao meng(liang juan)
v.119 Ying wu zhou
v.120 Yao ji tang xin bian ma lang xia mou ni he ji(liang juan)
v.121 Ying tao ji
v.122 Yu lun pao chuan qi(liang juan)
v.123 Yong huai tang xin bian kan hu die shuang jin bang ji(liang juan)
v.124 Yong huai tang xin bian shi tsʻuo ren chun deng mi ji(liang juan)
v.125 Wei jian mo zhong ji
v.126 Yuan yang tiao chuan qi(liang juan)
v.127 Yuan yang bang(liang juan)
v.128 Tan Youxia Zhong Bojing pi ping Wan chun yuan chuan qi(liang juan)

無求備齋 Wu qiu bei zhai

OCLC no.17315274
A full bibliographic record can be viewed on OSCAR: b32627221

Case 1
[1] 老子道德經(宋刊 河上公注)
[2] 道德指歸論(二冊)
[3] 道德指歸論注(三冊)
[4] 輯嚴遵老子注
[5] 輯葛玄老子節解
Case 2
Case 3
Case 4
Case 5
Case 6
[1]道德真經集解(趙秉文) (二冊)
[2]道德真經集解(董思靖) (二冊)
[3]太上老子道德經集解 (二冊)
[6]老子鬳齋口義 (宋刊)
[7]老子鬳齋口義 (日本刊)
Case 7
[1]老子鬳齋口義(林道春) (二冊)
[3]老子道德經古本集註 (二冊)
Case 8
[1]道德真經註 (吳澄) (二冊)
[2]太上老子道德經 (何道全) (二冊)
[3]太上老子道德經 (日本刊) (四冊)
Case 9
[1]老子道德經 (許宗魯)
[2]老子集解 (明刊) (二冊)
[3]老子集解 (薛蕙)
[5]老子道德經解 (日本刊) (二冊)
[6]老子道德經解 (釋德清) (二冊)
Case 10
[2]老子億 (二冊)
[3]老子道德經玄覽 (二冊)
[5]老子解 (王樵)
[6]老子解 (明刊)
Case 11
[1]老子解 (李贄)
[2]道德真經 (施堯臣)
[3]老子 (謝汝韶)
[5]老子通 (二冊)
[6]老子翼 (焦竑) (三冊)
Case 12
[1]老子翼 (日本刊) (二冊)
[2]道德經釋略 (二冊)
[4]老子解 (徐學謨) (二冊)
[5]老子道德經 (馮夢楨)
Case 13
[1]道德經釋辭 (蔣元庭刊本)
[2]道德經釋辭 (二仙庵刊本)
[3]老子道德經 (吳勉學)
[4]道德經 (彭好古)
[6]道德經注 (二冊)
Case 14
[8]老子斷註 (二冊)
Case 15
[1]道德經測 (二冊)
[2]老子或問 (二冊)
[3]道德經集註 (二冊)
[4]道德經薈幾解 (二冊)
Case 16
[2]太上道德寶章翼 (二冊)
[6]老子 (閔齊伋)
[7]道德經解 (二冊)
[8]太上道德經解 (二冊)
Case 17
[1]呂岩道德經釋義 (二冊)
[2]老子經通攷 (二冊)
[4]王注老子道德經 (二冊)
Case 18
[4]老子河上公註 (敦煌寫本)
[5]道德經 (敦煌寫本)
[8]老子河上公註 (奈良聖語)
Case 1
[1] Lao zi dao de jing (Song kan, He Shanggong zhu)
[2] Dao de zhi gui lun (2 ce)
[3] Dao de zhi gui lun zhu (3 ce)
[4] Ji yan xuan Lao zi zhu
[5] Ji ge xuan Lao zi jie jie
Case 2
[1]Lao zi dao de jing (He Shanggong zhu)
[2]Dao de zhen jing zhu (Wang Bi)
[3]Lao zi wei zhi li lue
[4]Lao zi dao de jing zhu
[5]Lao zi yin yi
[6]Lao zi zhi yao(Wei Zheng)
[7]Lao zi zhi yao(Riben kan)
[8]Dao de zhen jing(Wu ming shi)
[9]Dao de jing gu ben pian
[10]Xuan yan xin ji ming lao bu
Case 3
[1]Ji cheng xuan ying dao de jing kai ti xu jue yi shu(4 ce)
[2]Ji Li Rong Lao zi zhu(2 ce)
[3]Lao zi yi lin
[4]Dao de jing lun bing yao yi shu
Case 4
[1]Dao de zhen jing zhuan(2 ce)
[2]Dao de jing zhu shu(3 ce)
[3]Dao de jing shu yi jie jie
[4]Dao de pian zhang xuan song
[5]Ji Wang Anshi Lao zi zhu
Case 5
[1]Lao zi jie(Su Zhe) (2 ce)
[2]Su Zhe Lao zi dao de jing ping zhu(2 ce)
[3]Lao zi lun
[4]Ye Mengde Lao zi jie
[5]Yi lao tong yan
[6]Lao zi jie lue
[7]Dao de zhen jing si zi gu dao ji jie
[8]Yin zhu He Shanggong Lao zi dao de jing
[9]Dao de bao zhang
Case 6
[1]Dao de zhen jing ji jie (Zhao Bingwen) (2 ce)
[2]Dao de zhen jing ji jie (Dong Sijing) (2 ce)
[3]Tai shang Lao zi dao de jing ji jie (2 ce)
[4]Dao de zhen jing yi jie
[5]Yuan shi shuo xian tian dao de jing
[6]Lao zi yan zhai kou yi (Song kan)
[7]Lao zi yan zhai kou yi (Riben kan)
Case 7
[1]Lao zi yan zhai kou yi (Lin Daochun) (2 ce)
[2]Zuan tu hu zhu Lao zi dao de jing
[3]Lao zi dao de jing gu ben ji zhu (2 ce)
[4]Lao zi dao de jing ping dian
[5]Dao de zhen jing zhang ju xun song
[6]Dao de jing zhuan yu
Case 8
[1]Dao de zhen jing zhu (Wu Cheng) (2 ce)
[2]Tai shang Lao zi dao de jing (He Daoquan) (2 ce)
[3]Tai shang Lao zi dao de jing (Riben kan) (4 ce)
[4]Dao de zhen jing song
[5]Dao de zhen jing ci jie
Case 9
[1]Lao zi dao de jing (Xu Zonglu)
[2]Lao zi ji jie (Ming kan) (2 ce)
[3]Lao zi ji jie (Xue Hui)
[4]Dao de jing zhu jie
[5]Lao zi dao de jing jie (Riben kan) (2 ce)
[6] Lao zi dao de jing jie (Shi Deqing) (2 ce)
Case 10
[1]Lao zi tong yi
[2]Lao zi yi (2 ce)
[3]Lao zi dao de jing xuan lan (2 ce)
[4]Lao zi dao de jing lei zuan
[5]Lao zi jie (Wang Qiao)
[6]Lao zi jie (Ming kan)
Case 11
[1]Laozi jie (Li Zhi)
[2]Dao de zhen jing (Shi Yaochen)
[3]Laozi (Xie Rushao)
[4]Laozi dao de jing can bu
[5]Laozi tong (2 ce)
[6]Laozi yi (Jiao Hong) (3 ce)
Case 12
[1]Laozi yi (Riben kan) (2 ce)
[2]Dao de jing shi lue (2 ce)
[3]Laozi pin jie
[4]Laozi jie (Xue Xuemo) (2 ce)
[5]Laozi dao de jing (Feng Mengzhen)
Case 13
[1]Dao de jing shi ci (Jiang Yuanting kan ben)
[2]Dao de jing shi ci (Er xian’an kan ben)
[3]Laozi dao de jing (Wu Mianxue)
[4]Dao de jing (Peng Haogu)
[5]Laozi dao de jing pin jie
[6]Dao de jing zhu (2 ce)
[7]Dao de jing ping zhu
Case 14
[1]Laozi hui han
[2]Dao de jing jing jie
[3]Wang Bi zhu Laozi
[4]Laozi lang huan
[5]Laozi wen gui
[6]Laozi yi ping dian
[7] Jie Lao
[8]Laozi duan zhu (2 ce)
Case 15
[1]Dao de jing ce (2 ce)
[2]Laozi huo wen (2 ce)
[3]Dao de jing ji zhu (2 ce)
[4]Dao de jing hui jie (2 ce)
Case 16
[1]Laozi qi shang
[2]Tai shang dao de bao zhang yi (2 ce)
[3]Laozi juan
[4]Laozi bian
[5]Laozi dao de jing qi shang
[6]Laozi (Min Zhaiji)
[7]Dao de jing jie (2 ce)
[8]Tai shang dao de jing jie (2 ce)
Case 17
[1]Lu Yan dao de jing shi yi (2 ce)
[2]Laozi jing tong kao (2 ce)
[3]Laozi ben yi
[4]Wang zhu Laozi dao de jing (2 ce)
[5]Wang zhu Laozi dao de zhen jing
Case 18
[1]Xin zhu dao de jing
[2]Laozi xiang er zhu
[3]Laozi yi
[4]Laozi He Shanggong zhu (Dunhuang xie ben)
[5]Dao de jing (Dunhuang xie ben)
[6]Tai shang xuan yuan dao de jing
[7]Laozi zhen ji
[8]Laozi He Shanggong zhu (Nailiang sheng yu)
[9]Dao de jing shi yi zhong
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