November 13-15, 2014


We are so excited to announce that The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum will be this year’s host for the International Comic Arts Forum!

Since its inception at Georgetown University in 1995, ICAF has been held nearly every year at prestigious universities and centers for comics scholarship throughout the country. This November, marking one-year exactly since our Grand Opening Festival of Cartoon Art, ICAF will grace the auditoriums and lecture halls of The Ohio State University for their three day, star-studded conference weekend.

All panels and lectures are FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
To find out more about hotel rooms and registering as an academic, visit here:


Thursday November 13th


9:00 AM: Welcome from Jenny Robb, Curator of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

9:15 AM: Opening Remarks: José Alaniz, ICAF Executive Committee Chair

9:30 – 10:30 AM: Plenary Speaker: Bart Beaty

10:30 AM: Coffee Break 

11:00 AM – 12:45 PM: Concurrent Panel Session One

1A: Comics Form and Fine Art
Moderator: Bill Kartalopoulos

  • “Huntsman Descending a Staircase with His Dog”: Cartooning as Method in American Modern Art 1910-1920, Ben Owen, Ohio State University
  • Quasi-­Comic Elements in the Art of Paul Klee, Adrielle Anna Mitchell, Nazareth College
  • Third Stream Art: William Steig’s Symbolic Drawings, Andrei Molotiu, Indiana University
  • Andy Warhol’s Grids: Comicity and The Comics Art World, Colin Beineke, University of Missouri

1B: Resolving Cultural Identity in Comics
Moderator: José Alaniz

  • Aleksandar Zograf’s Polovni Svet and the Invention of a Post-­‐Yugoslavian Identity, Paul Morton, University of Washington
  • Post-unification German Comics and the Legacy of East German Culture, Elizabeth Nijdam, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Into the Present, by Way of a Non-Existent Past: Trillo, Breccia, and Alvar Mayor, Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste, Georgia State University
  • Propaganda and memory in Li Kunwu and Philippe Ôtié’s graphic novel A Chinese Life, Nick Stember, University of British Columbia

12:45-2:15 PM: Lunch Break

Optional behind the scenes tour of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum for registered presenters and guests (sign-up instructions to be provided)

2:15 – 3:15 PM:  Concurrent Panel Session Two

2A: Fictional Faultlines
Moderator: Rebecca Wanzo

  • A Cosmonaut in Palomar: Seeing, Showing, and Imagining In Gilbert Hernandez’s Heartbreak Soup, Josh Kopin, University of Texas At Austin
  • “The Death of Mike Albergo: Ideology, Culture, and The ‘Nam“, Robert Loss, Columbus College of Art and Design

2B: Breaking Boundaries Across Media Forms
Moderator: Brittany Tullis

  • Webcomics as Collaborative Spaces: The Practice of Guest Authorship, Leah Misemer, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Comics between Art and the Underground in India, Jeremy Stoll, Chicago, IL

3:15  – 4:45 PM: Comics and Institutions Roundtable 

Participants: Ben Saunders, Jenny Robb, Charles Hatfield, Jared Gardner and Toph Marshall

5:00-6:30: Reception at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

6:30 PM: Dinner Break 

8:00-9:30 PM: Justin Green and Carol Tyler in conversation 

Friday November 14th


9:00 – 10:30 AM: Concurrent Panel Session 

3A: “Good” and “Bad” Comics
Moderator: Mark Heimermann

  • “If Not Actually Evil… Vulgarizing”: Contextualizing the Moral Panic Around Comics Circa 1909, Tad Suiter, George Mason University
  • “Always Gettin’ in Trouble”: The Li’l Tomboy Comic Book Series, the Good Female Consumer, and the 1950s Bad Girl, Michelle Ann Abate, Ohio State University
  • “Slaughtering Innocence: the 1950s Comic Book Controversy and the Crisis in the Meanings of Childhood”, Andrew O’Malley, Ryerson University

3B: Metafiction and Archival Practice in Comics
Moderator: José Alaniz

  • (Re)Posting the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition: Postcards and Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth, Nhora Lucía Serrano, Harvard University
  • One Day at a Time: Fabula, Syuzhet, and the Storyworld in For Better or For Worse, Susan Kirtley, Portland State University
  • Metafictional archive: Mise en Abîme and Identity in Miguelanxo Prado’s Ardalén (2012), Arturo Meijide Lapido, Ambrose University

10:30AM: Coffee Break

11:00 AM – 12:45 PM: Concurrent Panel Session 

4A: Examining Underground Comix
Moderator: Toph Marshall

  • From the Georgia Straight to Tijuana: The Changing “Adventures” of Rand Holmes’s Harold Hedd, Sean Rogers, York University, Canada
  • “My Fantastic Inimitable Mental Machinations!”: Richard “Grass” Green’s Minicomics and African American Comedy, Brian Cremins, Harper College
  • Comics Come Out: Lesbian Feminism, Gay Liberation and Underground Comix, Corey K. Creekmur, University of Iowa

4B: Positioning Comics Within Contested Cultural Spheres
Moderator: Bill Kartalopoulos

  • “Advantages in Cartoon and Caricature Work:” Comics and the Art World in Cleveland (1930-­‐1938), Brad Ricca, Case Western Reserve University
  • [Before] Manga Theory: The Manga Emaki (Manga Handscrolls) of Okamoto Ippei et al., Nicholas Theisen, Iowa City
  • Persepolis without comics: Satrapi in Critical Context,  Marc Singer, Howard University
  • The Ambivalent Recognition of the Exhibition: Comic Exhibitions in France in the 2000’s, Jean-Matthieu Méon, Université de Lorraine

12:45 PM: Lunch Break

Optional behind the scenes tour of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum for registered presenters and guests (sign-up instructions to be provided)

2:00 – 3:00PM: The John Lent Award Lecture

Picturing the Unspeakable in Global Comics
Jennifer Anderson Bliss, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

3:00 – 4:00 PM: Phoebe Gloeckner Spotlight
Moderator: Brittany Tullis

4:30-5:30 PM: 
 Hanneriina Moisseinen Presentation 
Moderator: Bill Kartalopoulos

5:30 PM: Dinner Break

7:30-9 PM: Laulu: Documentary screening with Hanneriina Moisseinen


Saturday, November 15th


9:00-10:30 AM: Concurrent Panel Session Five

5A: Comics’ Active Formal Elements
Moderator: Qiana Whitted

  • Perceptual Systems and the Comic Book Art of Geometrizing the Story, Frederick Luis Aldama, Ohio State University
  • Skewing Text to Images: Asian Language Orthography in Asian American Comics, Shan Mu Zhao, University of Southern California
  • Conversations in Comic Strip Swedish: The Case for Applying Conversation Analysis to Comic Strip Data, Kristy Beers Fägersten, Södertörn University, Sweden

5B: Representing the Body
Moderator: José Alaniz 

  • Locas Tambien: Performing Disidentifications in Love and Rockets, Rachel Miller, Ohio State University
  • Staring at Comics: Disability and Visuality in Al Davison’s The Spiral Cage, Frederik Byrn Køhlert, University of Montreal
  • The “Ravaged Body” as Carrier of Cultural Memory in the Petit Polio Bandes Dessinées of Farid Boudjellal, Margaret C. Flinn, Ohio State University

10:30 AM: Coffee break

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM: Concurrent Panel Session Six

6A: Ideologies of the Monstrous
Moderator: Mark Heimermann

  • The Post-Apocalypse and Contemporary Comics, Kathryn Manis, University of New Mexico
  • Monstrous Gynophobia: Male Fears of a Female Monster in Bernie Wrightson and Bruce Jones’ “Jenifer”, Joshua Zerl, Eugene, OR.
  • The Problem of Appearance in Goya’s Los Capichos, and Mignola’s Hellboy, Scott Bukatman, Stanford University

6B: Hidden Worlds of Early Comics
Moderator: Brannon Costello

  • Daumier’s Deadline: Expedited Expressiveness and the Franco-Belgian Cartooning Tradition, David Allan Duncan, Savannah College of Art and Design
  • The National Taste: Ally Sloper, Escape Magazine and British Comics, Nick Robinette, Quinnipiac University
  • The Hidden World of Jimmy Swinnerton, Peter Sattler, Lakeland College

12:30 PM: Lunch Break

2:00 – 3:30 PM: Dash Shaw Presentation

4:00 – 5:30 PM: Jeff Smith in Conversation with Tom Spurgeon

5:30: Dinner Break

7:00 PM: March Presentation with Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell, followed by performance by Sweet Honey in the Rock

Closing Remarks: Jose Alaniz


Hope to see you there! For more information contact