On Thursday, February 7th, Girl Scouts of the USA Troop 2687 visited the Cartoon Library to learn all about DIY book binding, women in comics, and how to make their own 8-page comic out of one sheet of paper. We’re always thrilled to work with the Girls, and Troop 2687 cranked out the most mini-comics of any crew we’ve hosted yet!

To get a full run down on what kind of activities we do with the Girl Scouts for them to earn their Drawing Badge or Comic Artist Badge, hop over to our post from this Fall on our time with Troop 1320.

After a whirlwind introduction to the great women in comics history, the group went over a wide variety of exciting and eccentric ways to print and bind comics, much to their astonished delight. Fully inspired and raring to go, they then sat down to put it all out on paper.

Giggles rang throughout the Cartoon Library as we contemplated the various hilarious roles for a hamster to play as the main character in our individual comics, which served as a muse for many of them. At the end of our hour-and-a-half session, the Girls slapped their comic onto the copy machine, emerging as official self-published cartoonists with copies of their debut work ready for the world!

Congratulations to the great cartoonists of Troop 2687! Girls rule forever.