Here at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, we’re thrilled to announce that with the help of our steadfast volunteer Joe Miller who compiled all of this information, we have just launched our Guide To Multicultural Resources!

Check ’em out. This resource highlights work in comics and cartooning that has been done by African Americans, Latino Americans, and Asian Americans. Each guide is presented in two different organizational structures containing the same content, in order to facilitate varying researcher needs. The first section of each guide is organized by material type (biographical files, original art, archival collections, bound volumes, comic books, online resources, and more), and the second is organized alphabetically by creator.

The guides do not include international or foreign language materials in our collection, although we do have a lot of those materials as well.

Our intention is to emphasize the incredible work that has been done by minorities in the world of comics, and if any readers or researchers have suggested additions or comments on the guides’ organization, we encourage you to get in touch!