Welcome to University Archives’ blog, “From Woody’s Couch.” To name this blog, we wanted to combine our mission to preserve the University’s historical materials, with the  fun we have in sharing them with others.

One of our more beloved objects is an old leather couch that used to sit in Coach Woody Hayes’ office in Converse Hall. Not only is it comfortable (if not well-worn), but it was used by one of the most successful coaches OSU has ever had. It reminds us that the most practical and seemingly mundane items can carry with them historical significance – in the case of this couch, just because of who sat on it.

So, from Woody’s couch to you, this blog will share stories of the University’s treasures we have collected, as well as the people whose OSU stories  are treasures of their own.

Feel free to comment, ask questions or just peruse. And most of all, enjoy!