We need your help! The Ohio State University Archives is currently collecting information from current Ohio State faculty and staff regarding their experiences related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  These unprecedented times have had an enormous impact on work and personal lives of University employees, and we want to know how they have affected you.

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We would like to hear about your experience of transitioning to a telework environment or your environment as an essential faculty/staff member, the obstacles and benefits of these experiences, and how you have interacted with your co-workers, friends and family during a time of social distancing.

How you can help:

If you are currently a faculty or staff member at The Ohio State University, you can fill out our Google survey, found here:


Here are a few sample questions from our survey:

– Are you currently working on campus, from home, or both?

-What benefits or challenges has this new work situation created?

– How has the way you spend your work time changed during the pandemic?

-What do you miss most about not being on campus?

-Have you been practicing social distancing?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I fill out this survey?

By filling out this survey, you will be providing valuable information on your experiences that will provide historically significant information for future researchers.  Your reflections will be important for those in the future who want to know the effect this crisis had on our community.

How will my information be used?

The University Archives may retain your responses for future research, outreach and education, including but not limited to, courses, presentations and exhibits.  The Archives will NOT use your identifying information for these purposes.

Just think, your information could become part of the Ohio State University’s historical record!

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes, you are welcome to answer this survey anonymously, and with as little or as much information as you want to share.

If I provide my contact information, will it remain secure?

Yes, your contact information will not be shared. At the end of the online survey, you will be asked if the University Archives can retain your email address to contact you in the future to participate in an oral history interview, serve on a panel or be contacted by a future researcher.  You can select yes or no.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

Please reach out to us at: archives@osu.edu with any questions you may have.

Thank you for helping us preserve our history!