The Byrd Polar Research Center Archival Program and The Ohio State University Archives would like to give special thanks to Reinhard Krause, Alfred Wegener Institute, and Lars Scholl, German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven Germany, for their interest in the art of David Paige.  Without their hard work in compiling the information about Paige and his work on the second Byrd Expedition, it is likely that the Paige pastels would not be shown here today.  Their conscientious matting and framing of the pastels for exhibit has made the items presentable for future exhibitions.  The exhibit catalog that they published, The Magic of Antarctic Colours, faithfully reproduces the original pastel images, and gives detailed biographical information on David A. Paige.

In addition, the following people should be acknowledged for their special contributions to this exhibit:  Dr. R. Scott Moore, webmaster and Amy Kitchell, Polar Archives Graduate Assistant.