Online exhibition:

• Jenny Robb
• Caitlin McGurk

Digital Exhibition Design:
• Ken Aschliman, Exhibitions Coordinator
• Justin Luna, Senior Exhibitions Preparator
• Gabriela Okhuysen, Digital Exhibition Assistant

Digital Imaging:
• Avery McGrail, Digital Imaging Assistant

Graphic Design:
• Pam McClung, Graphic Designer

Additional support provided by:
• Marilyn Scott, Curatorial Assistant
• Anne Drozd, Museum Coordinator

Physical Exhibition:

Tales From the Vault: 40 Years / 40 Stories
Robinson Gallery, Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum
March 25, 2017 – October 22, 2017
Curated by Caitlin McGurk and Jenny Robb with assistance from Amy Chalmers

The Ohio State University | University Libraries     Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum