Reserve Seats

Due to changes in procedures due to COVID-19, seat booking is suspended for the remainder of the Fall 2020 semester through January 24th. We plan to resume booking on January 25th at the Geology Library and the Biology/Pharmacy Library.


Due to reduced seating capacity at our library locations, OSU Libraries will be designating seating at two of our locations as available only by reservation as a pilot project in Fall 2020. This allows our users to book their individual study space at the Architecture Library and Geology Library.

We welcome your feedback and will be sending out a survey for feedback to those that make reservations.


  • You must reserve your seating prior to use. Seats are bookable same day.
  • Reservations run from 30 minutes to 6 hours.
  • One reservation per location per day.
  • Seats available 10am – 4pm.
  • Check in on arrival and check out on departure using the QR code at the seat or your email confirmation’s link.
  • Clean the seat/table on arrival and departure.
  • No group reservations.
  • You must reserve using your email account.
  • No food/drink will be allowed at any library location in fall semester.
  • Do not leave belongings unattended.
  • These seats must be reserved for use and are not open seating. Other locations, including Thompson Library and 18th Avenue Library, have open seating.

Reservation Directions


Please read directions before booking. You must complete all steps and get an email confirmation before your booking is complete.


1. Choose location (See bottom of page for a seat map for each location)

Screenshot of time selection. Choose date, choose start time, but not additional boxes, scroll down to choose timeframe, then submit.
Time Selection

6. Verify hours are correct, read the Terms & Conditions, then click Continue. 

confirm time, with terms and condisions
Confirm and Terms & Conditions

7. Enter your name and email address and submit. You will get a confirmation email. Your reservation is not complete until you get an email. 

Your email confirmation will have a code you will need to enter after scanning the QR code or after you use the check in link provided in your email. Do not delete this email.

email submission screenshot
Name and Email Address

8.  What's next?

Your confirmation email will look something like the image below - note the required code you need to enter after scanning the QR code or clicking on the link in the email. There is also a URL for cancellation.

Late arrival or missed reservation: If you do not check in after 15 minutes after the beginning of your reservation, your reservation will be automatically cancelled. 


confirmation email screenshot
Confirmation Email

Do not forget the Terms & Conditions:

At arrival at seat:

  • Check in by scanning the QR code or using the email address provided in your confirmation email
  • Wipe down the chair/table

During use:

  • Do not move furniture
  • Maintain physical distancing standards
  • Do not leave belongings unattended
  • No food/drink permitted


At end of your reservation:

  • Check out by scanning the QR code or using the email address provided in your confirmation email
  • Wipe down the chair/table
  • Take all belongings with you


Please see the circulation desk for any questions/problems.

Seat Map: Geology Library

Geology Library Seat Map with numbered seats
Geology Library Seat Map

Seat Map for Biology/Pharmacy library:

BPL Seat Map
BPL Seat Map



Questions or problems? Visit the circulation desk at the location or email