The Research Commons can assist researchers seeking to make use of proprietary library data for their work, as the Libraries often have pre-existing relationships with the organizations providing these data. Some publishers/vendors may charge a fee for the data itself and/or for the preparation or extraction of it. Before contacting a vendor to request access to data from library resources, please complete this Project Interest Form so that we can assist you.

Some examples of library data sources include:

HathiTrust Research Center

The HTRC is a collaborative research center launched jointly by Indiana University and the University of Illinois, along with the HathiTrust Digital Library, to help meet the technical challenges of dealing with massive amounts of digital text that researchers face by developing cutting-edge software tools and cyberinfrastructure to enable advanced computational access to the growing digital record of human knowledge. Ohio State is an institutional member of the HathiTrust.

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JSTOR Data for Research

This is a free, self-service tool that allows computer scientists, digital humanists, and other researchers to select and interact with content on JSTOR.

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Elsevier Data for Researchers

Elsevier provides an API for researchers to mine subscribed content. Please note: an addendum needs to be added to the library contract for this use. Please contact us for additional information.

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