Conference and Project Room Guidelines

  • The conference and project rooms can be reserved using the online room reservation system at the following link: (OSU login required). You will receive a confirmation email with room number and reservation date/time.
  • Reservation requests can be submitted no more than seven days in advance. We do not accept same day reservations.
  • A group that is more than 15 minutes late forfeits their reservation.
  • Only one room reservation is permitted per day, per person.
  • The purpose of these rooms is for collaborative research projects, not individual study. Individuals can study in other unoccupied areas around the Research Commons and University Libraries.
  • For the Conference Room, groups with video-conferencing needs will take priority over groups not making use of the video-conferencing equipment.
  • When no reservations have been made, the Conference and Project Rooms are available to graduate students, faculty, and postdocs on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be prepared to vacate the room for the next scheduled reservation.
  • For assistance with using the technology available in the Conference and Project Rooms, please see our staff at the Research Commons concierge desk.
  • For Autumn 2021, we are not allowing food or drink in the Research Commons.
  • Please ensure your room is reset for the next user prior to departing
  • Violations of rules may impact a user’s ability to reserve in the future.

Large Meeting Room Guidelines

  • Requests to reserve a large meeting room can be made here. Requests are reviewed on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Please email to discuss use of the Colloquia space.
  • Reservations are considered if the meeting/event topic has to do with interdisciplinary research, training relevant to the research lifecycle, or research showcasing.
  • Groups should check-in and check-out at the front desk.
  • Reservation times should include time needed for setup and teardown. Groups will gain access to the room at the time their reservation starts, and should ensure the room is clean and vacated by the time the reservation ends.
  • Groups may not move furniture between rooms. Guests may move furniture within a room as long as they re-set it before leaving.
  • Violations of room rules could impact a group’s future ability to reserve a room.
  • For Autumn 2021, we are not allowing food or drink in the Research Commons.