The Research Commons Classroom (#352) is a popular room for medium sized group meetings or discussions and presentations. The Classroom sits up to 24 people in an “enhanced lecture” style where participants are facing each other and are able to see content projected on the dual projection system. The room also features an in-room PC computer that is connected to the dual projection system, and plenty of whiteboard space. 

The Research Commons Classroom set up in the standard “Enhanced Lecture” style

Depending on the reservation format, the furniture in the Classroom can also be arranged in a “Block O” setting that will still seat 24 people. In this format, the furniture is arranged in a large rectangle in which all participants are facing inward. All participants can still see content projected using the dual projection system.

The Research Commons Classroom arranged in “Block O” format.

To inquire about reserving the Classroom, please complete the Large Room Reservation Request Form.