The Brainstorming room (#350) is the most flexible space in the Research Commons. The room is usually divided into two sections (A & B) that seat 12 people per side. The furniture on both sides of the Brainstorming room is flexible: hexagon shaped group tables on wheels that can be divided and used in different arrangements.  The wall partition that separates these spaces is one giant magnetic whiteboard and can be taken down to create one large space that can seat 24 people. The rooms also feature projection technology from the in-room PCs or from a laptop using wireless Solstice Pod technology, digital whiteboards, and plenty of regular whiteboard space.

Research Commons Brainstorming A room

Brainstorming B is has the same functionality and room capacity as Brainstorming A and also features a large interactive touchscreen table. Brainstorming B is partially open to the adjacent Digital Visualization room, and there can be noise transfer between the two spaces.

Research Commons Brainstorming B room

To inquire about reserving the Brainstorming room (either one or both spaces), please complete the Large Room Reservation Request Form.