Prepare, Present, and Preserve: Moving Your Research Posters from Physical to Digital (Jan. 28, 2015)

Looking for tips on how to prepare an eye-catching and informative research poster? Curious about how to archive and increase access to your poster so it can still make an impact long after the forum is over? Join the Knowledge Bank, University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT), and Undergraduate Research Office to learn more about best practices for preparing research posters and opportunities to preserve them digitally. If you’re a graduate preparing for the Hayes or an undergraduate preparing for the Denman, then this session is for you!

Getting Grants: Finding Funding and Planning for Data Management (Feb. 10, 2015)

Want tips on finding funding opportunities and making your grant applications clear and persuasive to sponsors? Need to know what you should be including in your data management plans? Join the Office of Research and the Libraries’ Data Management Services for a discussion about best practices and valuable tools for successfully navigating the research funding process at Ohio State.

Opening Access to Your Research: Strategies for Digital Scholarship (Feb. 24, 2015)

Curious about ways to disseminate your work online? Thinking about creating a website or blog to showcase your research? Wondering what your options are for publishing and archiving digital content at Ohio State? Join ODEE and the Knowledge Bank to learn more about increasing the visibility and impact of your research through digital scholarship.

Fair Use in Research and Education (Feb. 26, 2015)

Do you use copyrighted materials from third party sources in your teaching or research publications? Have you heard that all educational use is fair use but have some concerns about whether this is accurate? How can you evaluate whether something may qualify as fair use or determine if you need to seek permission? Join the Copyright Resources Center to learn how to use copyrighted material confidently and legally in your research publications and teaching.

Grants for Graduate Students: How to Successfully Apply for a CGS Grant (Mar. 4, 2015)

Are you a graduate student interested in research, conference travel, and professional development grants available to you through the Council of Graduate Students (CGS)? Want to know how to push your CGS grant application over the top? Join us to learn the ins and outs of applying for the Global Gateway Grant, Ray Travel Award, Career Development Grant, and Hayes Research Forum.

Keys to Research Success: Keeping Your Data Organized (Mar. 9, 2015)

Tired of searching for lost files? Worried the spreadsheet you’re editing isn’t the most recent version of your data? Looking for a better way to keep track of your methods and results? Join the Libraries’ Data Management Services and the Undergraduate Research Office to learn more about creating a file naming system, tracking versions, and maintaining meaningful metadata for your research projects. This workshop will be followed by a Research Commons “mixer.” Network with researchers from other disciplines, discuss shared interests and ideas about data, and enjoy some food and beverages with us.

Protecting and Promoting Your Research: From Copyright to Commercialization (Mar. 26, 2015)

Concerned about retaining ownership of your research output or getting assistance with publisher’s agreements? Interested in turning your intellectual property into business opportunities or products? Join the Copyright Resources Center and the Technology Commercialization Office for a discussion of important things to consider for protecting and promoting original research.

Research Writing 101: Best Practices for Citation Management (Apr. 9, 2015)

Looking for tips on creating an annotated bibliography and keeping your references organized? Want to learn more about the citation management tools available to you at Ohio State? Join the Writing Center and the Libraries’ Research Services for a discussion about the resources that can keep you efficient and organized as you prepare to publish your research.

Human Subjects Research: Assistance with IRB Forms and Data Management (Apr. 14, 2015)

Want assistance with the IRB process? Interested in learning more about best practices for collecting, managing, and curating human subjects research data? Join the Office of Responsible Research Practices and the Libraries’ Data Management Services for an overview of the services available for navigating IRB submissions and managing human subjects research data at Ohio State.

Panel Discussions

Financial Conflicts of Interest: Information for Researchers (Feb. 18, 2015)

Curious about what might constitute a financial conflict of interest (COI) in a research context? Wondering whether or not COI policies and regulations apply to your own research projects? Join a panel of experts to learn more about the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of effectively addressing financial conflicts of interest that can arise during the research process. These topics and your questions will be discussed by the following experts:

  • Kristy Baker, Director, Office for Business and Industry Contracts, Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Erin Bender, Technology Licensing Director – Physical Science, Technology Commercialization Office
  • Kim Carter, Associate Director, Office of Grants and Contracts, Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Alan Litsky, Chair, University Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee
  • Adam McClintock, IRB Operations Manager, Office of Responsible Research Practices
  • Suzann VanNasdale, Conflict of Interest Administrator, Office of Research Compliance

Meet the Editors: A Q&A Session about Publishing Research (Mar. 24, 2015)

Looking for advice about getting your work published? Wondering how to avoid some of the most common reasons for an article to be rejected? Curious about tips for navigating the peer review process? Join the Libraries Publishing Program, OSU Journal Editors’ Group, and Postdoctoral Association for a chance to get tips from an interdisciplinary panel of academic editors including:

  • George E. Billman, Professor, Department of Physiology and Cell Biology
    • Journal: Frontiers in Physiology
  • Theresa Delgadillo, Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Studies
    • Journals: Mujeres Talk and Chicana/Latina Studies Journal
  • Dave Ewoldsen, Professor, School of Communication
    • Journals: Media Psychology and Communication Methods & Measures
  • James Phelan, Professor, Department of English
    • Journal: Narrative
  • Stephen F. Rosenstiel, Professor Emeritus, College of Dentistry
    • Journal: The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry