Amazon Web Services (AWS) consultations are available to any Ohio State employee or current Ohio State AWS account holders. Consult with the AWS team on any of the following topics: 

  • Application Development / Architecture: Contextual guidance on how services fit together to meet your specific use case, workload or application, as well as directional cost estimation
  • Troubleshooting AWS: Investigation into possible causes for challenges that are arising for current projects
  • Third-Party Software: Guidance, configuration and troubleshooting of AWS interoperability with many common operating systems, platforms and application stack components
  • AWS Account Management and Billing: Guidance on implementing billing and account best practices so that you can focus on what matters: running your business / research initiatives
  • General Consultation: Consult with the AWS Team about how to get started or talk through general and foundational AWS-related questions

Please click the button below to view availability and book a remote consultation. 

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